As we inch closer to the end of this year, it’s time to look ahead to what home decor trends are in store for us in 2022. From decor trends and styles to furniture and materials and everything in between, here’s some of what we have to look forward to. 

Looking Ahead to Home Decor Trends for 2022 Addison Designer Decor Store

Modern Rustic style

Modern rustic involves the blending of modern pieces of furniture with rural elements, including recycled and handmade items. This style often boasts wooden or stone beams, columns, or solid wood floors. Typically, furniture is primarily made of wood or metal. However, other natural materials, such as sisal, jute, rattan, cotton, leather, fur, or wool can be used to add comfort and textural interest. 

Rounded furniture

In 2022, it’s all about curves! In the coming year, consider incorporating a piece or two of furniture that has flowing, rather than boxy, lines. Sofas, armchairs, end tables— anything that has a softer shape will be an incredibly stylish and eye-catching addition to your home’s interior. 

Japandi decor pieces Addison Looking Ahead to Home Decor Trends for 2022

Japandi decor trend

Japandi is where Scandinavian design meets Japanese minimalism. While the two styles come from different regions of the world, their functionality, simplicity, love of nature, and craftsmanship make them a perfect hybrid. It’s the perfect combination of coziness and puristic elegance.


Corduroy furniture is a trend that has been gaining momentum over the past several years. In 2022, it looks as though it will be at the forefront. No, corduroy isn’t just for pants. In fact, it’s probably much better on furniture. Just think about how stylish and comfortable a cord sofa or chair would be. Or, think smaller and incorporate a few throw pillows made of this material. Regardless of how you feel about it, corduroy just might be the new velvet. 

Terracotta tiles

If you have cool white or nude tones in your home, warm materials like terracotta tiles on walls and floors can really make the space look and feel cozier. Unlike terracotta tiles from the 80s, modern terracotta designs come in a variety of shapes, formats, and finishes, making them a much more versatile option for just about any design style. 

Mixing of textures and materials

Mixing different textures and materials together can really elevate the look of a room. As we move forward in time, be mindful of the decor you choose for your home. There’s no reason you can’t mix that wicker chair with that embroidered pillow. Honestly, the more you mix those textures and materials, the better. If the goal is to create a positive visual impact, this is a very effective way to achieve it. 

Pastel colors

Pastel colors will be sticking around in the upcoming year. Fresh mint green, delicate blue, blush pink, light vanilla, and soft purples like lilac and lavender are some soft hues that will either stand out on their own or pair well with bolder hues. Regardless, they are sure to make a statement in any decor style. 

Dark greens and blues

On the flip side, dark greens and blues will be welcome in 2022. Think emerald and cobalt— both of which can add depth and make a huge impact that’s both dramatic and sophisticated in a space. 

Greige (Taupe)

If a neutral color palette is more your style, you’re in luck! In 2022, it’s all about greige— specifically taupe. If you aren’t familiar with greige, it’s that perfect harmony of grey and beige. Taupe is a neutral hue that falls on the greige spectrum, somewhere between brown and grey. Keep in mind that taupe isn’t just one specific color, but rather a variety of hues ranging from grayish brown to dark tan. Its balance makes it an elegant choice that fits with a number of design styles including rustic and modern. 

While these aren’t all the trends that we’ll see, they are some of the best. When the time comes to incorporate some of these trends into your space, let us help! We have fabrics, rugs, and accessories that are sure to elevate the style of your home. Stop by one of our showrooms or browse online to see all the beautiful products we have to offer!