If you’re anything like me, you want your home to have a high-end look, but you don’t really want to pay all the high-end prices. Of course, this does has its challenges, but there are ways--yes, even on a budget--to get it done. Here are 12 simple solutions that can help you fake a luxe designer look without breaking the bank.

1. Simplify the color palette.

Picking paint color is often a nightmare for homeowners. However, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home without too much effort. A good rule of thumb to follow: go bold and dramatic OR soft and understated--not both. Remember, you're aiming for sophistication.

2. Layer in statement lighting.

Even if you feel as though the lighting in your home is adequate, incorporating something that has a bit more visual impact can really make a difference. From table lamps to chandeliers and everything in between, today's popularity of unique lighting makes it easy to find something that's elegant in looks yet humble in price. If you are an avid DIYer, seek out interesting fixtures at places like flea markets or secondhand stores, and then give them an update.

3. Hang window treatments.

Window treatments pull a whole design scheme together. Simply put--more often than not--a home without window treatments looks unfinished and well, cheap. Which is the complete opposite of what you're going for, right? To keep your place looking classy, avoid thin window treatments. You may have to shop around, but there are plenty of options that will provide enough thickness. If you'd like to sink a bit more money into your window treatments, having some made from a fabric you really enjoy is the way to go. If draperies aren't necessarily your style, opt for something like a fabric Roman shade or a woven shade made of bamboo.

4. Pull up the carpet.

At one time, carpet in a home was in high demand. Today, however, most homeowners prefer hardwood. Real hardwood is certainly an investment, but a wise one. Laminate is a popular option these days--but only the best laminate on the market will last. If a top-of-the-line laminate isn't in the budget, it may be better to stick with a plush carpet.  To accent your hardwood floors, be sure to lay down a beautiful area rug.

5. Hang oversized art.

The bigger the canvas or framed art, the more luxe the room in your home will feel. Large pieces of artwork create a gallery look, which comes across as expensive. Regardless of your decorating style, large photographs or certain pieces of artwork can be pricey. To minimize the cost, seek out unique pieces at antique or consignment stores or make your own.

6. Use luxurious textiles.

Throws, accent pillows, and upholstery made of luxe textiles are an easy way to elevate the elegance in your home--especially in the living area. Silk, velvet, metallic linen and faux fur are all great options. When it comes to pillows, poly-fill pillows will do, but for a few dollars more, you can opt for a plush down alternative or feather-down insert. Both of which, will enhance comfort.

7. Accessorize.

It won't take much to glam up your home if you carefully choose the right accessories. Sure, you can add in small accessories made of marble or crystal, but you may be able to do more by looking for accessories finished in glass or metallics--especially gold.

8. Mix styles.

In this case, I’m referring to mixing high and low styles, rather than actual design styles. This means that not everything has to, or should, have a high price tag attached to it. Placing higher-cost items sparingly through the house will make those lower-priced items appear high-end even if they really aren’t. Simply put, invest in your staple items and then source budget-friendly options for accent pillows and other accessories.

9. Create flow.

Flow isn’t just something to think about if you have an open floor plan. Flow is important in any home regardless of its architecture. Believe it or not, creating flow from room to room, in an entire house, is easier than you might think. All you really need to do is find a color you love and then multiply it. In other words, use it in each room. It doesn’t matter if it’s used in a big way or a small way--simply having that color scattered throughout will lead the eye and create a sense of flow.

10. Add crown molding.

When it comes to making your home look high-end and custom-made, details are key. Crown molding is one of those important details that can take your decor to the next level, making it appear elegant and complete. Fortunately, crown molding comes in a variety of sizes and prices, making it easy to find something that suits both your space and your budget.

11. Cut the clutter.

A good cleaning and decluttering can easily enhance the look of your home's interior--and, other than some cleaning products, it doesn't cost you a thing! Keeping the space tidy, the windows shining, and the furniture and rugs stain-free will allow all the elements within your home really stand out.

12. Shop around.

Don’t limit yourself to a specific brand or logo when it comes to home furnishings. You’d be amazed at what you can find at flea markets, thrift stores, or online stores like Wayfair, Overstock, and even Etsy. You may even find some gems at estate sales going on in your local area.  

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