No bedroom is complete without a bed. That much is obvious. What’s not as obvious, however, is how, or even why it’s important, to style a bed. As you know, a comfy bed is the key to a good night’s rest. But, a bed is so much more than a place to lay your head. A bed serves as the primary focal point — the visual centerpiece — of the room. For that reason, it’s important to give more thought to the bed, making it a piece that’s both sleep-friendly and beautiful. So, just how does one go about styling a bed? Keep reading to find out. 

How to Style a Bed Like a Pro | Discount Interior Home Fabrics Plano

Create a Base With Soft Sheets and a Woven Blanket

It’s essential that you start building your bed with a base of comfort. This comes from dressing it with crisp, soft sheets and a blanket. For an elevated experience, opt for sheets that have a higher thread count and slight designer details. A woven blanket will also bring in eye-pleasing textures in addition to much-needed warmth. 

Layer In a Duvet or Quilt

Once you’ve created a comfortable base, it’s time to add a duvet, a quilt, or a combination of both. A common way to layer these items is to use the duvet as the main layer with a quilt folded at the bottom. You can, however, rearrange the look as you see fit for the room and your personal style. Regardless of how these items are arranged, the result should be a bed that’s visually cozy and welcoming. 

When it comes to duvet covers, they can be found just about anywhere. And while many of them are beautiful, they still might not be the right choice for your bed. To ensure you have a duvet cover that suits your bed and the style of the room, consider having it custom-made. Custom-made duvet covers can be made in any fabric you want and any size you need. You also have the freedom to decide between a zipper, buttons, or open hotel closures. Custom-made duvet covers can also be designed to be reversible. 

Add Pillows and Shams

For a durable and comfortable pillow, consider one made of down. When using them on your bed to style it, opt for two pillows on the bottom and two pillows in shams on top that coordinate with the rest of the bedding.  

After that comes the fun part of adding decorative pillows! Decorative pillows really allow you to showcase your style and can be arranged in several different ways. They really are the easiest way to add extra texture, pattern, or color to your bedroom. As with duvet covers, decorative pillows can be custom-made as well. Round pillows, square pillows, long lumbar — whatever you prefer, consider having covers made in fabrics you adore. 

Top It Off With a Throw

Adding a throw to the bottom of the bed can serve a dual purpose. One, it gives an extra hit of texture to a room, and two, it comes in handy for cooler nights or mid-day naps. 

To Fold or Not to Fold

You might be wondering if you should fold your duvet cover or comforter down a bit or pull it all the way toward the headboard. That’s really up to you. Folding it down just in front of the pillows gives it a cozier feel, however, that often depends on the linen itself as well as the overall feel of the room. In some cases, the bed looks better with the linen neat and tucked under the pillows. Whichever way you style it, just make sure that your comforter or duvet cover is free of wrinkles so your bed looks it's very best. 

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