Do you love pillows? Me too, but decorative accent pillows always seem so expensive. You can save money, and make sure you get exactly the type of pillow you want, by making throw pillows yourself.

DIY accent pillows are a very simple project that yields fast, attractive results. All you need is fabric and some kind of pillow stuffing. You don't even need a sewing machine, though using one will speed-up the process.


Choosing Fabric

Just about any type of fabric will work for a pillow. Multi-purpose home décor fabrics are a good choice – they're heavy enough to stand up to wear, yet still easy to sew. Check the cleaning requirements for fabric before purchase so you'll whether or not you can wash the finished pillow. If you're making pillows for outdoor use, consider using outdoor fabrics so they will hold up longer.

Basic Pillow

Cut two pieces of fabric, each 1 inch longer and wider than you want to make the finished pillow. For reversible pillows, cut the back and front pillow pieces from fabric with different prints.

Place right sides of the fabric together. Stitch the fabric pieces together with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Leave a large enough opening on one side of the pillow cover to insert a pillow form or stuffing. Turn the pillow fabric right side-out, then stuff. Hand-stitch the opening closed.


For a two-tone pillow, cut two pieces of fabric as you would for a basic pillow. Then, cut a strip of contrasting fabric to the same width as the other fabric, but not as long. Cut fabric strip so one of the long sides is the selvage edge. Hem this edge if the selvage is unattractive.

Lay the contrasting fabric on one of the larger fabric pieces with right sides up. Line-up the cut, unselvaged edge of the fabric strip with the edge of the base pillow fabric. Place the other fabric piece face-down on the layered fabrics. Pin the three layers together, then sew and finish pillow as you would normally.

Pillow Forms

Filling handmade pillows is very simple using pre-made pillow forms, which are available from most craft stores. For a more thrifty DIY option, you can turn budget bed pillows into accent pillow inserts.

Measure the width of the bed pillow, then add 1/2 inch to the measurement. Use this number to measure along the length of the pillow, and mark where your tape measure lands. Cut along this line all the way through the pillow. Push the stuffing down into the pillow, then use a serger or sewing machine to close the cut end.

Stuffing Tips

Fiberfill stuffing is a good alternative if you'd rather not use inserts or want to make a pillow with an unusual shape or size. Pull handfuls of stuffing apart to fluff it and get rid of any lumps. Starting with the pillow's corners, push the fluffed stuffing in gently and firmly. Check the outside of the pillow as you go so you can catch any lumps or hollow spots before you finish stuffing. Once you're happy with how it looks, hand-sew the pillow fabric closed.

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