blue-decorated-bedroom-ft-worthConsidering the bedroom isn’t a room regularly seen by guests, it’s no surprise that it often gets left out of the home decorating plans. With that said, you will spend one third of your life sleeping in it, so why not customize it to suit your style? Here are six tips on how to make this special place a comfortable sanctuary.


  1. Remove the unnecessary. Too much stuff in a room can make it look cluttered. If there are pieces of furniture or other items that aren’t really needed, let them go so you have space to rearrange what you really need to keep. Try consigning them to make save time and make extra cash for your other update. Alternatively, you can repurpose them in another room, or donate them to a great cause!
  2. Create an amazing headboard. Not only will an upholstered headboard make a nice focal point, it will be much more comfortable to rest your head against. With so many styles of headboards and fabrics available, you’re sure to find exactly what you want.
  3. Use your favorite fabric as the starting point. It doesn’t matter if it’s a certain color, texture or pattern, hone in on what you love the most and then build from there. Try to stick with the rule of three: one large pattern, one medium and one small. Incorporating a solid fabric for the small pattern is also an option that will bring great results.
  4. Add an accent fabric. You may have your three fabrics picked out, but when used sparingly, an accent fabric can give you a little extra punch. Add it to something simple like a pillow or throw. This can be your solid color piece if you decided to keep three patterns.
  5. Make the entire room your canvas, not just the bed. You can dress up the bed, but don’t forget the other areas of the room. Be sure to spread your fabrics throughout, to tie the whole room together and create harmony.
  6. Change with the seasons. This may not be ideal for everyone, but it’s a good way to preserve the life of your fabrics and keep the room exciting all-year round. Deck the room in cool-colored fabrics for spring and summer and then swap them out for a warmer palette during the fall and winter months.


Before pulling it all together don’t forget to think about wall paint, draperies and lighting. All three of these can do so much individually to a room, but can really add drama if incorporated into the whole design. Redesigning your space is supposed to be enjoyable, so above all else, have fun with it.

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