It’s that time of year again where we start to look ahead at what new home styling and decor trends will get us excited. Last year, it was all about making your home a tranquil place. (This, of course, is totally understandable being that coronavirus arrived on the scene and we were forced to hang out at home more often than not.) And although we are approaching a new year — and hopefully, better days — we’re still pretty attached to our homes. Therefore, the focus will continue to be on making your home a safe haven that’s both beautiful and happy. Here are 5 trends on the horizon to help make that happen.

5 Decor Trends To Get Excited About in 2022 Pearland Texas Decor Store

1. Neutrals, With a Twist

Neutrals have always been a popular choice among homeowners. When done right, neutrals can create an incredibly stunning interior that can be enjoyed for years. A traditional neutral color palette consists of white, cream, ivory, and various shades of beige. This year, however, expect a shift. While those former neutrals will still be a lovely choice, richer and earthier neutrals like taupe, rust, cognac, sage, and camel will take center stage — primarily, on pieces of furniture. Warmer colors such as these will definitely heighten the coziness within the walls of your home. 

2. Elevated Textiles

Fabric choice is a huge part of creating a space that is beautiful and able to complement your lifestyle. This year, expect to see some interesting fabric choices that are a step up from the norm.  

For one, textured fabric is in and will be in demand on furniture pieces. Not only is textured fabric aesthetically pleasing, but the right textures can also really amplify the coziness within your home. 

Performance fabrics will also be a top contender. These fabrics are practical and low-maintenance, which is perfect for high-traffic homes! 

Finally, keep your eye out for luxurious fabrics that will give your home a more elegant feel. Not stuffy, elegant. Whether you go all-in with something like an entire velvet sofa or just simply keep it reserved to a few throw pillows, those richer, feel-good fabrics are a wonderful choice. 

3. Wainscoting

Back in the 18th century — a time before the comfort of central heating — wainscoting (wood added to the lower half of the wall) was a stylish and effective way to insulate a room. Although it’s no longer needed to serve that purpose, it still remains a welcomed design element simply because of its charm. And, with the right pairing, it can be downright stunning. 

This year, wainscoting is getting a revamp.  From updated textures to unique colors, wainscoting will be an element that can really boost the interior appeal of your home. For inspiration, check out these beautiful wainscoting ideas

4. Curves

In the upcoming year, the curvier the better. Mirrors, kitchen islands, headboards, ottomans, dining tables, sofas, and statement pieces like barrel chairs, are just some of the ways you can incorporate softer edges into your home’s interior. You can even learn how to paint wall arches for a fresh look. For a little contrast and to offset some of that softness, add in some angular pieces or accessories like artwork. 

5. Glass Lighting

When it comes to pendant lighting, there are so many types to choose from including bell, shade, drum, bowl, lantern, linear, mini, and glass. In 2022, however, the focus will primarily be on that last one: glass. Glass lighting is functional, versatile, and attractive, and can be used almost anywhere — in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, and living and dining rooms. Whether you go with a clear option or a colorful blown bubble type pendant, glass pendants can really add some major style to your home.

So which trend is your favorite? This year, it’s pretty hard to choose! When the time comes to update your home’s interior, be sure to let us help. Stop by one of our showrooms or browse online to see the fabrics and accessories that can help your decorating project turn into a thing of beauty!