Whether quiet or bold, patterns are a very powerful decorating tool. So powerful in fact, that every homeowner should find a way to work them into their home decor. Here are 5 reasons why that’s so.

5 Reasons to Use Patterns In Your Home Houston Designer Fabric

1. Personality

5 Reasons to Use Patterns In Your Home Houston Designer FabricsPatterns are an easy way for you to express your personality. The colors, the type of pattern, and how its used say a lot about you and your home. Because of this, we encourage you to find a pattern or two that truly represents who you are and go for it! 

2. Contrast and Tension

When we talk about tension, we’re talking about design tension — those details in the room that make you want to pay a little more attention. Primarily, the interplay of opposites. When it comes to patterns, you can create some serious visual tension within the space by mixing together patterns that feel like opposites. Take a floral print and an animal print of the same color family.

5 Reasons to Use Patterns In Your Home Houston TX Designer Fabrics3. Anchors a Room

Every room can benefit from a grounding element — a piece that anchors the room. Oftentimes, this can be achieved with a rug or a single piece of furniture. While you could certainly reupholster your sofa in a fabric pattern, we think you could do this just as beautifully by laying something down underfoot or hanging up new drapes. We have several fabrics and rugs that have a bold presence which can really anchor the space and/or serve as a jumping-off point for everything else in the room. 

4. Hides Stains

In the high-traffic areas of your home, patterns can really be your friend since they are great at camouflaging stains. Whether you opt for patterned fabric on those dining chairs or a large patterned runner down the hallway, patterns can easily mask any ‘oops’ moments that come your way. 

5. Boost Neutrals5 Reasons to Use Patterns In Your Home Houston Area Designer Fabrics

When done right, neutrals are anything but boring. Even a monochromatic palette can be a thing of beauty. Still, even neutrals can benefit from a little boost every now and then — and that’s where patterns come in. When paired together, the neutral-pattern relationship can create a visually balanced space that really showcases personality and style. 

Cutting Corners Is Your Pattern Central

When you’re ready to incorporate patterns into your home, be sure to stop by the showroom or browse online to see our wide selection of discount designer fabrics that include geometrics, animal prints, stripes, florals, and more. Not only will your home be a thing of beauty, but you can achieve the look at an affordable price.