Even small bedrooms need some decorating love. Whether you're in a dorm, an apartment, or small home, you should still carve out time to decorate your sleeping quarters. It might take some creativity on your part but it can be done.  Here are 5 strategies you can use to make your small bedroom look spacious and feel comfortable.

1. Focus on storage and organization.

Most likely, you're short on storage space, so look for furniture that will make life easier. There are so many stylish options these days when it comes to beds. Storage beds are especially popular because they offer shelves or drawers that are easy to access while remaining attractive. If you're a student, consider a loft bed. Loft beds elevate your bed above the floor, freeing up space below for things like a desk and chair or a small dresser. When it comes to organization, simply keeping the space tidy and clutter-free is often sufficient enough to keep the room looking larger than it is.

2. Check your reflection.

Mirrors are such an easy way to make a small room feel more spacious. It doesn't really matter if you hang a single large mirror or scatter smaller mirrors throughout the space. Mirrors reflect light and their surroundings, thus creating depth and making a room look twice the size it really is.

3. Create a statement wall.

Smaller rooms don't always provide ample wall space. To keep the room looking cleaner and less cluttered, consider creating an accent wall. An accent wall is a great way to feature your favorite artwork and keepsakes. A large wall mural or tapestry is another option for creating a focal point.

4. Adjust your lighting.

Ample lighting is key to making any room look spacious but this is especially important when dealing with a small room. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to change or add light fixtures. You can, however, at least add in more lamps to brighten up your bedroom.

5. Be color conscious.

You've probably heard that dark colors make rooms feel smaller. While this isn't necessarily true for rooms of decent size and with ample light, it is a rule worth following in small spaces. Dark colors absorb light, so if your bedroom is small, opt for cooler colors, which reflect light.