Luxury fabrics elevate any space while also making a stylish statement. Here are 7 of the top high-end textile trends designers are embracing for 2023:

7 Luxury Fabric Trends For 2023 Houston Designer Fabric Near Me



  • Works well in formal spaces like living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces where you want to create an elegant, glamorous mood. The rich texture and sheen stands out.
  • Ribbed or crushed velvet adds dimension; flat velvet has uniform color. Metallic velvets up the glam factor.
  • Stick to solid jewel tones or subtle tone-on-tone patterns. Busy velvet patterns can feel overwhelming.
  • Use velvet sparingly on focal points like an accent chair or headboard. Too much velvet can feel dark and heavy.
  • Velvet upholstery wears well but can show pet hair/lint easily. Vacuum and steam regularly. Dry clean only.

Faux Fur

  • Best for adding warmth and soft texture in small doses. Works well on toss pillows, throws, area rugs.
  • Neutral and pastel furs create a chic, elegant vibe. Vibrant colors make more of a statement.
  • Faux mink has multidirectional texture like real mink. Shaggy furs feel boho. Sheared furs are modern.
  • Avoid placing faux fur where it will get direct sun exposure, as the fibers can fade over time.
  • Faux fur is durable but shakes loose fibers easily. Use a lint roller and wash gently.

Metallic Leather

  • Metallic leather makes a bold style statement. A little goes a long way - use it minimally.
  • Works well on furniture accents like a bench ottoman or chair cushions in modern, glam spaces.
  • Distressed metallic leather has an edgier, vintage look. Smoother finishes appear more contemporary.
  • Wipe spills immediately to avoid stains. Condition regularly. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Eco-friendly faux metallic leathers like laminated vinyl have a similar look with less environmental impact.


  • Use silk to infuse luxury into any space. Works in both traditional and modern decor.
  • Looks beautiful on drapes, bedding, and lampshades where the sheen and fluid drape stand out.
  • Woven tone-on-tone silks add subtle elegance. Bolder Asian or floral prints make a statement.
  • Silk requires delicate care. Dry clean only. Avoid direct light which can fade colors.
  • More durable washable silk alternatives like silk-linen blends allow wider use.

Tapestry Prints

  • Best for adding bold texture and medallion-style floral patterns or geometric designs.
  • Hang tapestry panels like artwork. Use them on toss pillows and throws. Upholster furniture.
  • Tapestry has an heirloom, vintage look. Works in traditional, boho and eclectic spaces.
  • Dust regularly with a soft brush. Avoid excessive sunlight. Dry clean only.

Faux Shearling

  • Use faux shearling to add irresistible softness and texture without harming animals.
  • Drape on chairs, sofas, headboards for an instant style upgrade. Perfect for cozy spaces.
  • Faux shearling is durable and machine washable. It's more stain resistant than real shearling.
  • The long fibers can shed easily. Use a lint roller and wash gently.

Embroidered Linen

  • Elevates basic linen with special hand-embroidered embellishments for a touch of artisan flair.
  • Beautiful on table linens, drapes, pillows. Adds subtle pattern and texture.
  • Works well in relaxed boho, French country and romantic spaces.
  • Handwash gently to preserve delicate embroidery. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Machine embroidered linen is also available for more budget-friendly durable options.

Experiment with these elevated fabrics to give any room a luxuriously cozy, glamorous style for 2023 and beyond. Ready to start looking for new fabrics now? Check out our show rooms or visit us online where we have a wide range of luxurious fabrics to choose from!