A lot of homeowners think their home needs remodeling when the interior starts to look drab or outdated. While this may be true in some cases, in most cases, it’s not. Remodels take both time and money (both of which aren’t always readily available)--and often times, it isn’t actually what your home needs anyway. In most cases, it simply needs a mere update.

The good news is that updates are much easier to do and can often be achieved by simply swapping, recycling, or adding accessories to your current space. But knowing what kinds of accessories to use and where to place them around the home can be confusing.

Decorating With Accessories Houston Designer Home Decor

My goal today is to clear up any of that confusion by discussing the choosing, combining, and decorating with, as well as highlighting some of the most important accessories your home just shouldn’t be without. By increasing your accessory knowledge, you’ll be able to approach the task of adding them to your home with much more confidence.

10 Accessories That Won’t Disappoint

There are so many accessories to choose from, it’s no wonder homeowners get a little flustered (I know I do sometimes)! What helps me when my eyes are starting to cross after looking through shelf after shelf of accessories? Remembering that there are a handful of staple accessories that will never let me down, such as:

  1. Flowers. Flowers are the most basic accessorizing item. They can be fresh or faux, seasonal or not seasonal, and complementary or contrasting in color, making it a cinch to add them to your home.
  2. Throw pillows and blankets. Decorative pillows are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to display your style and add pizzazz to the room. There are so many stores out there that offer quite a variety for you to choose from, but it can be just as easy to have them made or make them yourself. Even with the selections available at the store, it doesn’t mean you’ll find something that matches exactly what you want. This is why you shouldn’t overlook fabric stores. Not only do fabric stores have fabric, many, if not all also carry pillow forms for you to buy. When it comes to blankets, why not have one in every room? Drape the over a sofa, chair, or ottoman--they are an incredibly easy way to create a homey feel.
  3. Lighting. Lighting is another great way to update your space. Floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, chandeliers, and pendants, depending on the level of extravagance, can be easily found and are quite affordable. If you already have lamp bases you love, consider changing out the shade. You can even recover a shade with completely different fabric, all on your own, to give it a new look.
  4. A bar cart. A bar cart is such a cool accessory to have around. Not only are they great looking, but they’re also practical--especially if you enjoy entertaining guests in your home.
  5. A tray. A tray can be a very useful accessory that looks great in many places throughout a home. While it can be used to serve guests, trays can also be used to display items such as fresh flowers or a creative vignette.
  6. Rugs. Area rugs do so much more than pamper your feet. Yes, they make the floor much more comfortable to walk on, but they also pull together the decor of a room. Although a good rug can be expensive, they are definitely worth the investment, and should not be considered a frivolous purchase. If you do start shopping for an area rug, skipping the department store means you’ll also skip the huge markups. Instead, go directly to a reputable rug dealer, like us. You’ll get the designer quality you want at a much better price.
  7. Mirrors. Mirrors can be functional, decorative (or both at the same time), and just what you need to create a beautiful focal point. For the bedroom, consider a leaning floor mirror or dresser mirror. Choose a decorative wall mirror, framed mirror, or starburst mirror for the living room or entryway.
  8. A beautiful bowl, glazed pottery, or a decorative box. The nice thing about decorative bowls is that they range in style from modern to globally inspired, making it so easy to find one that suits your home. The same can be said for glazed pottery and decorative boxes. Keep in mind that it’s important to be selective in your pieces. Too much of a good thing is still much.
  9. Sculpture. You can really personalize a room with a sculpture. A good way to narrow down what would look best in your home is to seek one that displays an interest or hobby. Or, pick up one next time you travel to a favorite international location.
  10. Art. Art can be the perfect solution for bare walls. One oversized print can have just as much impact as a grouping of multiple smaller pieces.

Accessorizing Like a Pro

Mistakes are almost always inevitable, but with practice, you can accessorize like a pro. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Choose quality over quantity. Don’t fill your home with an abundance of mass-produced items. When it comes to room accessories, less is often more. A few special pieces that you have carefully selected will look better (and usually work better) in the space than a ton of little knick-knacks.
  • Choose accessories that are proportional to the space. Take time to study scale and proportion before picking out your accessories. If the accessories don’t fit the space, the room will end up looking awkward and choppy.
  • Combine textures and colors. Accessories are supposed to add visual interest and contrast in a space--and varying the textures and colors of your items will result in just that.
  • Keep it balanced. Does this mean your accessories have to be arranged symmetrically? Quite the opposite in fact. While you can most certainly opt for symmetrical placement, don’t make that your only option. You’d be amazed at how balanced and put together a room can look with asymmetrical arrangements!
  • Add accessories in layers. When decorating, place large accessories first and sparingly, and then gradually fill in with medium-to-small pieces. Remember, not every nook and cranny has to have an accessory. The idea is to keep your decor looking classy and deliberate.

Did you know that in addition to our gorgeous designer fabrics we also offer a gorgeous array of accessories for your home? Whether you need a whole new mantle display or just a simple item for your centerpiece, we know you’ll find something you’ll love. Stop in to see us!