A couple of times each year, new textile trends make an appearance. Whether these trends are ones that have been developing for some time or simply the product of the latest catwalk fashion show, they often catch our eye making us get the itch to switch up our interiors. What does this season have in store? Let’s take a look and find out! 

Hot Fabric Trends On the Horizon for Spring/Summer 2021 Houston Fabric Store


A Pop of Pastel 

Whether you prefer solids or prints, it’s likely you’ll see pastels gaining prominence among fabric choices. Ever since the arrival of millennial pink, other hues like soft greens, blues, and yellows have made their way front and center, becoming more and more popular. While pastels can be beautiful, there is a wrong way to use them. The key to making pastel choices look tasteful rather than tacky is to choose hues that are less saturated. Where to use pastels in your home? Consider the bedroom or a guest bath where you can achieve calmness without sacrificing color. 

Global Influence

Whether you’re already a world traveler, or simply have dreams of becoming one, you can celebrate some of your favorite destinations through textiles inspired by earthy color palettes and warm, natural textures. This year, expect to see global influence to take hold in the realm of fabric showcasing beauty such as geometric motifs from West Africa, embroidery from Mexico, kilim stripes from Asia, and even tropical-themed to name a few. 

Performance Fabrics

As performance fabrics evolve, the more popular they become. Originally intended for outdoor use only, performance fabrics have become a functional yet stylish choice for indoor spaces as well. If you have a busy household with children or pets, performance fabrics are a durable, low-maintenance option that will make life easier. 


Derived from the French word boucler meaning curled or ringed, bouclé is a nubby, multi-use textile that’s versatile and soft to the touch. Bouclé offers subtle texture that’s full of warmth and coziness, making it perfect for Scandi-style interiors modern interior spaces. In interior design, bouclé is commonly used for upholstery and throws, however, it also works well on drapes. 

Casual Botanicals

Over the years, the idea of bringing the outdoors in has gained momentum. Therefore, it’s no surprise that botanicals will be a popular fabric choice this year. At one time, botanical prints were primarily showcased on wall art. Today, however, botanical motifs can be found popping up on many other items, including fabric, making them easy to incorporate into any decorating style.

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