When using floral fabrics in your home, it's best to start small with accents like pillows or curtains rather than overwhelm a space with floral furniture or wallpaper. Focus on a cohesive color palette that coordinates multiple floral prints, and pay attention to scale as larger patterns make bolder statements. Florals can feel modern and masculine when done in graphic, dark colors and large prints. Beyond upholstery, creatively use florals on lampshades, rugs, bedding and artwork. Repeating colors connects various patterns. Temporary options like peel-and-stick wallpaper allow simple floral additions. Most importantly, choose prints you love rather than following trends. Thoughtfully blended, floral fabrics can make a welcoming and stylish impact without going over-the-top.

Incorporating Floral Fabrics into your Decor Online Fabric Store Houston

Here are some tips for incorporating floral fabrics into your home decor:

  • Start small with floral accents like pillows, throws, or curtains rather than overwhelmingly floral furniture or wallpaper. This allows you to add pops of floral without it being overpowering.
  • Stick to a cohesive color palette. If your walls are neutral, bring in floral fabrics in 2-3 coordinating colors for a pulled together look.
  • Scale matters. Larger scale floral prints make a bolder statement while smaller scale florals are more subtle. Mixing large and small scale florals can create visual interest.
  • Florals don't have to be feminine. Try bolder floral prints in darker colors for a more masculine aesthetic. Large graphic florals can feel modern and chic.
  • Upholstered furniture like a couch or headboard are classic ways to incorporate floral prints. If that's too much, try floral throw pillows instead.
  • Beyond upholstery, use floral patterns on lampshades, area rugs, bedding, curtains, artwork or accessories for a splash of florals.
  • Repetition creates cohesion. If using multiple floral prints, repeat colors from one pattern to another.
  • For walls, use peel-and-stick wallpaper or removable decals with floral prints as an easy and temporary way to add florals.

When decorating with florals, don't be afraid to mix and match styles, scales, and color palettes for an eclectic look. Pay attention to texture as well, combining glossy silks with cottons and linens for depth and interest. Look to nature for inspiration when selecting floral patterns and aim for a cohesive look that feels organic and natural. For high-traffic areas, choose durable floral fabrics that can withstand everyday wear and tear. And don't forget the finishing touches - fresh cut flowers displayed in vases provide the perfect complement to a space accented with lively floral prints.

The key is to not go overboard. Thoughtfully blend floral fabrics with solids and other patterns for a layered, inviting space. And most importantly, choose floral prints that you love rather than what's trendy.