Does your home reflect the best of both of you, or does it sway heavily toward one particular gender? Just when you think you know everything about your significant other, they show signs that point to them not actually liking the same things that you do. And, while that might be a hard pill to swallow, grab a glass of wine (or a grilled cheese...mmm!) and your laptop and start looking for ideas. With an open mind, you might just find that by the end of this, your home comes out to reach it's full potential, finally!

Yes, finding harmony when it comes to decorating can be very challenging once you have a two people under the same roof, but that doesn't mean you should shy away from the challenge and give in one way or the other. Believe it or not, with all the options out there, compromise is possible. Let's take a look at how masculine and feminine styles can be blended together effectively.

Living in Harmony Blending Masculine Feminine Styles Houston Tx Fabric and Decor

Adding a touch of Masculinity to Feminine Interior Design

Maybe you are starting with a feminine design and find yourself needing to tone it down a bit or your taste has changed and you just want to add a masculine flair now. On the other hand, you could be combining homes with a significant other! Whatever your reason, here are a few tricks to accomplish this task:mirrored world map Living in Harmony Blending Masculine Feminine Styles Houston Fabric Decor

  1. Add Masculine Touches: Incorporate elements that have a more masculine feel, such as leather furniture, metal accents, or dark wood finishes. These pieces can add a sense of balance and counteract overly feminine design elements.
  2. Incorporate Textures: Add textured elements to your space, such as woven baskets, burlap or linen curtains, or chunky knit throws. These elements can add a sense of warmth and depth to your décor without feeling too feminine.
  3. Use Geometric Patterns: Incorporate geometric patterns in your décor like chevron or herringbone. Geo patterns can add a modern and sophisticated touch to your space, while also creating a more balanced look.
  4. Embrace a Touch of Minimalism: Consider adopting a more minimalist approach to your décor. Clean lines and simple, unadorned furniture can create a more balanced and neutral look, while still allowing you to incorporate feminine touches in a subtle way.

Looking for something that suits both of you? Check out this mirrored world map! It's a chic way to add some style and interest to a couple’s space!

Adding a bit of Femininity to a Masculine Design

athanas alabaster lamp Living in Harmony Blending Masculine Feminine Styles Houston Fabric DecorIf you are starting on the other end of the spectrum, then you have a masculine interior design and want to add feminine elements without overdoing it. Here are a few tips to consider:

    1. Add Soft Textures: Incorporate soft and cozy textures into your décor, such as plush rugs, fluffy pillows, or silk curtains. These elements can add a feminine touch without overwhelming your existing masculine design.
    2. Choose Soft Colors: Choose soft, muted colors for your accents and décor, such as pastels or shades of pink. These colors can add a feminine touch without being too bold or overwhelming.
    3. Add Curves: Incorporate furniture or décor with curved lines, such as a round coffee table or a curved sofa. These elements can add a softness to your space and balance out any sharp, masculine lines.
    4. Incorporate Artwork: Hang artwork that features soft or feminine elements, such as botanicals, floral prints or landscapes. This can add a feminine touch to your walls and tie in with other soft elements in your décor.
    5. Add Curves: Incorporate furniture or décor with curved lines, such as a round coffee table or a curved sofa. These elements can add a softness to your space and balance out any sharp, masculine lines.

Remember, the key is to incorporate feminine elements in a subtle way, so as not to overwhelm your existing masculine design. Start small and gradually add in more elements until you achieve the balance you're looking for. Need some extra lighting? Our Athanas Alabaster Lamp with plated Coffee Bronze details offers a masculine shape but a feminine finish, making it something worth considering.  

dexter chair dexter custom sofa Living in Harmony Blending Masculine Feminine Styles houston

Furniture & Accessories

When it comes to furniture, sometimes the divide starts early on: one person tends to care more about how it looks and the other's top concern is comfort and/or durability. While this isn't always the case, if it does arise when shopping, look for quality pieces that will accommodate the size of the home's occupants. Instead of ornate detail, go for solid pieces with clean lines and elegant curves. Always keep in mind that the room can be softened with other accents scattered throughout the room.

At Cutting Corners, we have some amazing pieces that are both solid and attractive. Take our Dexter, for example.

dexter chair dexter custom sofa Living in Harmony Blending Masculine Feminine Styles houstonWith sloping arms and tapered feet, it’s a sofa (and/or a chair) that provides a look that’s both traditional and contemporary. Covered in a fabric of your choice, you get a quality piece of furniture that’s completely tailored to both of your styles.

It really is a piece that will adapt to any decorating style you throw its way. And that’s not the only style we have that will suit. Be sure to browse our other products, such as headboards, ottomans, and pillows that you can also have custom-made. 

Regarding accessories that will fill shelves and walls, finding something that appeals to both of you can be difficult. When it comes to wall art, men often like rustic, woodland scenes and animal prints, while women tend to gravitate toward floral or cottage landscapes. A predicament such as this might be resolved with something like a coastal or city scene. When it comes to trinkets and such, lean toward items made of wood paired with interesting accessories made of colored glass, rather than lots of figurines and other intricate pieces.

Colors & Patterns

The color of a home's interior has a great impact on everyone who lives there. The key to finding harmony is to set the stage with neutrals. Earth tones make a great foundation for accommodating blended spaces. Not only are they pleasing to look at, but they also give you the flexibility to add pops of colors in subtle ways.

When it comes to patterns, a good rule of thumb is to stick with stripes or geometrics. This doesn't mean that there can't be flowers! Florals prints and flowers, just as with pops of color, can be incorporated in subtle ways. Add a vase of fresh flowers, a lightly floral area rug, or accent pillow full of posies to soften areas that might look too masculine (okay, full of posies might be a bit much). 

These four patterns, for instance, could easily work in a couple’s space. The style of each can work well for just about anyone. Even the floral! Being a watercolor floral makes it a little less conspicuous. This means it’s more likely to blend, rather than stand out, in your space.

From left to right, these patterns include Am-Monte in navy, BO-Arbor in meadow, H-Camden in pastel, and BO-Birk in chestnut. 

The important thing to remember is that both of your tastes need to be addressed in the décor if both of you are to be happy. Unless one of you just doesn't care, then there's really no way about it. Finding the compromise won't just make the two of you happy and comfortable, it will also be more inviting to guests of all types and ages.

Cutting Corners: Décor for Both

Are you and your significant other ready to turn your home into a haven you can both enjoy? Before starting your project, be sure to stop by our showroom or browse online to see the wide selection of fabrics, furniture, rugs, and accessories we have to offer. With the right pieces, you can create a space well-suited for both of you, without skimping on style.