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Hanging a new shower curtain can instantly spruce up your bath--and while there are plenty of designs out there, not everything is a one-size-fits-all, when it comes to personality and style. If you have a knack for DIY projects, then taking on a shower curtain assignment should be an easy one. Not only will you get a finished product you love, you'll have a little fun in the process. Let's take a look at 4 sweet do-it-yourself shower curtain ideas.

  1. Stencil Design: A stencil design is perfect for anyone--but especially for someone who can't (or simply doesn't want to) sew. You can either buy a ready-made solid fabric curtain or visit a fabric store for a fiber or texture you just can't live without. Grab some paint and a stencil pattern from your local craft store and then start your project.
  2. Strip Patchwork: Although this project is a tad more time consuming, it allows you to use a variety of fabrics that you love--and the results are awesome. Simply take a plain shower curtain (store-bought or handmade) and add patchwork accents to the top and bottom. Not only will it look great, it will increase the personality factor within the space. Here's a great tutorial to get you started.
  3. Color Block: Color blocks have made a big comeback over the years. Not only are they fun and trendy, they can be a vibrant addition to a bathroom when used on a shower curtain (if your walls are painted in a vibrant color, however, skip this one). To make a curtain that wows, stick with three solid-colored fabrics. Martha Stewart has a good tutorial to follow.
  4. Ruffle Top: With farmhouse and shabby chic design being so popular, the need for ruffles is on the rise. Honestly, though, ruffles work with just about any style, and adding them to a shower curtain is an easy thing to do. Ruffles look nice on solid fabric, but they look especially incredible when the fabric is patterned. If you fall in love with a certain pattern, be sure to buy extra fabric so you can make a double ruffle. Click here to view a step-by-step tutorial for a beautiful ruffled shower curtain.

No matter which project you choose, dressing up a shower curtain can do wonders for a bathroom. It's certainly an easy way to add more personality and style.