As you tackle your home improvement projects, don’t forget about the laundry room. Yes, the laundry room! Considering the amount of time one spends washing clothes each year, why would a room such as this be an afterthought when it comes to decorating? Gone are the days of a dark and dreary space for doing laundry. Today, more and more people are transforming the space to almost as nice as the rest of the rooms within the house. Ready to turn your laundry room into a space more pleasant to spend time in? Keep reading to find out how to do it.

 The New and Improved Laundry Room Houston Decor Store Near Me

Add Color

Nothing makes a mundane task even more mundane than a bland space. Not that painting the room in cheery colors will make laundry your favorite chore, but it might just help give you a lighthearted approach whenever you haul a basket of clothes in there. For some added fun, paint a laundry-themed pattern on one wall or even find a wallpaper you like to add a bit of texture to the space. You could even paint the cabinetry (if you have any) in a fun color to add extra flair.

The New and Improved Laundry Room Decor Store Near Me HoustonUse Fabric

No, no fabric softener, just fabric. Pretty patterned fabric comes in handy more than you may realize. If you’re fortunate to have a window in your laundry room, use fabric to create curtains. To conceal items in open cabinets or under the sink, use fabric to make skirts for them. Just head to your local fabric store to pick out a pattern you love. Have fabric left over? Cut pieces into squares or a favored shape and frame them to make artwork.

Looking for laundry room curtains? Be sure to browse our gorgeous selection of multipurpose fabrics, which can be used in so many ways! 

Have Storage

If your laundry room allows more storage, consider installing some cabinetry or shelving to hold your items. If you don’t have a ton of room, however, make the best use you can of the storage space you already have. If you have low cabinets that provide counter space, consider using that for a place to iron or store pretty wicker or canvas baskets. Keep in mind that storage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Don’t hesitate to check out the local thrift stores for mix-and-match pieces that you can refinish.

Personalize It

As mentioned earlier, many homeowners are giving their laundry room an update to match the rest of the house, so don’t be afraid to make the space a personal one. Add personal touches on the walls or on shelves. 

If there’s a theme you love, add it in there through wall art and decorative accessories are other ways to add color and style. In an area, such as a laundry room, this is especially important being that it can elevate a mundane, yet necessary task, into something that’s a bit more enjoyable. 

Take these items, for example. This pair of sea turtle watercolor prints give the space a casual, coastal vibe. The same can be said for several of our forever florals, like the lotus flower in a vase, which would look lovely sitting upon our Uttermost Gualdo Aged Wood Shelf. Not only are our forever florals beautiful to look at, but they’re also low-maintenance — no sunlight or watering required! The New and Improved Laundry Room Houston Decor and art Store Near Me

Adding in pieces like this creates a whole new aesthetic in the laundry room. Because of this, it’s a good idea to carefully choose a couple of your favorites that you can enjoy while loading the washing and drying machines. 

What’s Trending In Laundry Room Design and Decor

A laundry room is something that must be designed and decorated to suit your personal needs. With that said, there are some awesome laundry room trends that are worth taking a look at! Here’s are some common trends taking place within the realm of laundry room design and decor. 

Convenient Placement

Unless you have no other options, there’s no logical reason to put a laundry room in an inconvenient part of your home. If the location is handy, consider putting the laundry in the mudroom or in a nook off the kitchen. A hallway closet is also another option. To keep the space one that doesn’t need hiding, opt for quality finishes that will complement the rest of your home’s decor. 

Bold Color

As mentioned earlier, a colorful laundry room can influence how you feel when tackling those baskets of dirty clothes. Again, if you’re spending a good amount of time in there, why not have a little fun with it? 

Pet Maintenance StationsThe New and Improved Laundry Room Houston Decor Stores Near Me

If you have pets, specifically dogs, you’ll understand just how nice it would be to have a designated place to wash them. One big trend includes incorporating such an area within the laundry room (think raised washed space and spray nozzle). Another cool pet addition in the laundry room is a sleeping area. A simple cut-out area that can fit a pet pillow is ideal for pet owners that want their fur baby to have a quiet and cozy space to themselves— when the laundry isn’t going, of course. No doubt either of these additions in the laundry area is something any pet owner can get behind. 

If your laundry room is also a pet area, be sure to check out our Uttermost Modern Dogs Framed Prints. They are the perfect balance of sophistication and whimsy, which is ideal for a laundry room! 

Drying Racks

We all know that not all clothing can be dried in the dryer. This is where drying racks can really come in handy! From pull-down to pull-out racks, these are an incredibly desired addition to laundry spaces. 

Folding Island

A vast island for sorting and folding laundry (with tons of storage below) is one item that can really enhance a laundry room. Don’t have room for an island in the middle of the room? At least consider a countertop either above your washer and dryer or off to the side. Any flat surface can really make cut down the time it takes to haul laundry elsewhere to fold. 

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