Decorative Pillows

  1. Top Off Your Home's Interior with Textiles

    Top Off Your Home's Interior with Textiles
    When we think of textiles, our first thought is often upholstery, however, the world of textiles is so much more expansive than that. Textiles offer an infinite array of decorating possibilities! There’s really no reason to leave a room feeling unfinished when you can top off the design with the warmth and texture textiles have […]
  2. What to Look For When Choosing a Pillow and How to Style

    What to Look For When Choosing a Pillow and How to Style
    There are just certain accessories a home shouldn’t be without. One of those is pillows. In a nutshell, pillows are the perfect accessory. They can add color, pattern, and comfort in an instant, and can be switched out easily whenever the mood strikes you. They can pull together a design in a way not many […]
  3. 6 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

    6 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home
    Even if you've had a mild winter, there's something about spring that gets us excited. From extra sunshine to greenery all in bud, spring has some much to offer. Here are some ways you can connect with nature and bring some of the freshness of the season into your home. Give your living room a color […]
  4. Using Pillows and Rugs to Finish off Your Farmhouse Style

    If there's one thing we've learned from watching Joanna Gaines on HGTV's Fixer Upper, is that textiles play a huge role in bringing warmth and comfort into a farmhouse-styled interior. With all that shiplap and rustic wood, there needs to be something to soften the space--and that's where textiles come into play. When we talk […]
  5. Having Custom Pillows Made for Your Home

    If you've ever gone shopping for accent pillows you may have noticed how pricey they can be--especially when you have to settle for something less than perfect for your space. This alone is a huge reason to invest in custom pillows for your home. Yes, they will probably end up costing you more than those […]
  6. DIY Accent Pillows

    Do you love pillows? Me too, but decorative accent pillows always seem so expensive. You can save money, and make sure you get exactly the type of pillow you want, by making throw pillows yourself. DIY accent pillows are a very simple project that yields fast, attractive results. All you need is fabric and some […]

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