Joanna Gaines has quite a bit going for her these days--an attentive and loving husband, beautiful children, a gorgeous home, a multifaceted business;  a hit TV show--but it certainly didn't happen overnight. It took faith and grit and patience to obtain the success that she has today--and that's what makes me admire her even more. Here are 5 important lessons I've gleaned from her life story.


1. Developing skills takes time.

I was kind of surprised to find out that Joanna had no design background to speak of (she actually has a Communications degree from Baylor University). Pursuing interior design didn't even enter her mind until she was interning in New York. Chip was already flipping houses but Joanna just fell into the design side of it. After lots of experimenting, she was able to hone in on her design style and develop her technique.

2. Pursuing something new takes faith.

Responsibilities are certainly important--but sometimes, they keep us from pursuing a new interest, whether it be a hobby or a career. Of course, you shouldn't shirk the priorities in your life, but don't let them hold you back, either. If you have a passion and a talent for something like interior design, go for it! Even Joanna struggled with this. Did you know Magnolia Market got [temporarily] pushed aside until she could find the balance between family and career? Once she did, she never looked back.

3. If you look hard enough, you'll see the potential.

Fixer Upper has made me realize that even the most dilapidated houses can be turned into dream homes. I don't know how she and Chip look past those horrible first impressions, but they do. You need vision and imagination, for sure. If you have those two things, you'll be able to find the diamond in the rough.

4. There can be a balance between work and family life.

Joanna is a woman of many talents and she is constantly busy with projects--yet she doesn't seem to neglect her family. Not only does she get to work with her husband, she sometimes gets the kids involved on the show. You don't always have to choose between the things you love. If you work hard enough, you can bridge those things together.

5. Working with your spouse can be fun!

I don't work outside the home with my spouse, but we do enjoy collaborating with one another on projects for our home. If you've watched Fixer Upper, it's easy to see that Chip and Joanna have a knack for feeding off each other's strengths. They're always having fun and their team effort produces amazing results.

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