Animal Prints Are Timeless 

Animal prints have remained a constant in interior design — and for good reason! Believe it or not, animal prints are extremely versatile, which makes blending them with other fabrics and furnishings a breeze. Using patterns such as these may seem intimidating at first, but there's no reason to shy away from giving them a shot. From whimsy to sophisticated, let's take a look at how you can be fearless and go wild with animal prints in your home.

Go Wild with Animal Prints Carrollton Discount Designer Fabric Store

It’s OK to Start With a Soft Cry, Rather Than a Loud Roar

If you're new to decorating with animal prints or simply want to use them on a smaller scale, ease into it and keep it fun! While animal prints can 

Go Wild with Animal Prints Carrollton Tx Discount Designer Fabric Store

have a dynamic effect when used in big ways, they can be just as eye-catching when incorporated in smaller ways. 

Keep it whimsey by focusing on small bursts of animal patterns by adding some accent pillows or a throw. A dalmatian print pillow with piping in a fun color adds a touch of fun to the space without going overboard. 

Or, how about something like this animal-themed piece of wall art? It's simple yet absolutely gorgeous! 

Want to add a touch of sophistication? A zebra print is a true classic that won't disappoint. For a touch of stylish warmth, consider a leopard print throw draped over a sofa or chair.

Go Wild with Animal Prints Carrollton Discount Designer Fabrics StoreAnother way to easily incorporate animal prints is by adding a rug to your floor. When choosing an animal print rug, however, it’s always best to go with a larger design. A larger design makes it appear as though your placement was intentional, whereas a smaller design makes it appear as though you aren’t quite certain in your choice.

If you’re worried that a larger rug will overpower the room, keep in mind that it’ll be covered by furniture, so honestly, it won’t draw the eye as much as you might think. Animal print rugs are readily available, so finding the right one for your home shouldn't be a challenge. With a rug, you get a splash of fun that easily pairs with other patterns in your home.

When You’re Feeling a Little Braver… 

If you've gained some confidence and would like to use animal prints on a larger scale, you also have some great options. For starters, consider dressing your windows in animal patterned window treatments. It's definitely a bolder move, but when done tastefully, it can make an amazing impact in the space.

Another big move would be to put up animal print wallpaper. If you aren't ready for four walls covered in it, try sticking to a single accent wall. Or, cover four walls in a smaller space such as a powder room or entryway area. It'll be an unexpected surprise to anyone who visits.

Something else to consider would be an animal print stair runner. Imagine how lovely your stairs would look! Plus, depending on the color chosen, it'd serve well at hiding stains, as well as basic wear and tear.

For a fresh accent, have a custom chair, ottoman, or bench covered in animal print fabric. Pieces like these are extremely functional, but they're also a great way to add a splash of personality and style to your home. Feeling a bit braver? Have an entire sofa reupholstered with an animal print!

Combining Animal Prints with Other Fabrics 

So, you may be wondering if you can combine animal prints with your existing home fabrics. The answer to that is a big, definite yes! As mentioned earlier, animal prints are extremely versatile, making it easier than you may realize to blend them with other fabrics and furnishings you may already have in your home.

This doesn’t mean you should go overboard, though. Animal prints are meant to make a statement without it feeling like they’re screaming at you. To keep that from happening, here are a couple of “rules” to keep you on the path of your decor looking classy, rather than chaotic. 

  1. The rule of numbers. This means using one type of animal print on one item (or a pair of items and/or small accents) in each room. For example, a statement ottoman or accent chair upholstered in an animal print. Have a pair of accent chairs? Even better! Another example would be an animal print pillow (or two) tucked into the mix of other pillows on your sofa.  
  2. The rule of color. Animal prints can be found in a variety of colors, opening the door to lots of decorating fun. However, if you already have an abundance of colorful fabrics or accessories in your home, it’s best to opt for animal prints that come in neutral colors. This allows you to maintain that fun vibe without taking away from what you already have going on.

Go Wild with Animal Prints Carrollton Tx Discount Designer Fabrics Store

While animal prints provide abundant style when displayed on fabrics, they certainly don’t have to be limited to textiles and upholstery. Animal prints serve wonderfully as embellishments on items such as candles, lamps, picture frames, utensil handles, bathroom dispensers, dishes, and more. All of these are ways to add a little burst of fun and beauty to your home.  

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that animal prints are always in style. Be sure to have fun with animal prints, but use them mindfully. To give your animal

Go Wild with Animal Prints Carrollton Texas Discount Designer Fabrics Storeprints an ultra upscale look, buy them printed on luxury fabrics such as faux furs, cashmere, velvet, or silk.

As you make your selections, keep in mind that the more self-assured you are with using animal prints, the greater the effect. The key is ensuring that the style of print you choose works perfectly with the current color palette and accessories in your home. Animal print appreciates cohesion.

Go Wild with Animal Prints Carrollton Texas Discount Designer Fabric Store

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