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8 Tip And Ideas On How To Select Perfect Outdoor Furniture Fabric

Once upon a time, the options for outdoor furniture were slim. Thankfully, we’ve come along way since then. Today, the options are endless, which is a good thing since outdoor decor is becoming just as important as what’s going on inside the house.

These days, it’s simple to find or upholster furniture in a material just as stunning as the fabric on your interior pieces. Colors, patterns, textures, and durability are better than ever, leaving homeowners with plenty of room to use their imagination.

What’s Trending

Gone are the days of red and white-checkered fabrics being your only choice for your outdoor furniture. Many people today lean more toward fun, fresh colors and bold, oversized patterns that make a statement. For those who prefer a softer, subtle look, cool sea greens, blues, pale yellows, steely grays, and creams are popular choices.

Make Sure Your Furniture Fits Your Needs

Before you buy outdoor furniture, it’s important to think about what you need from the fabric. Will your furniture be used all year or only for a few months? Do you have a rainy climate that would require waterproofing your fabric? How much time do you want to spend maintaining the look of your fabric? Will the furniture be covered with a roof or out in the open? Answering questions such as these will certainly make it easier to determine what fabrics are best for your outdoor space. Reading the label that can take a lot of guesswork out. Labels will list typical features regarding its durability and cleanability.

Getting the Right Look

It can be a challenge to nail down exactly what you want for your outdoor space, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about some ways you can remake your exterior living spaces by following these simple outdoor furniture and fabric ideas.

  1. Find your color inspiration.

One very easy way to find inspiration is to simply look at the color wheel. Not only does it give you a visual of basic colors, it also provides guidance as to what colors work with each other. To get the right balance, follow the rule of choosing complementary colors, which are colors that fall directly across from each other on the color wheel.  

Nature is another wonderful place to find inspiration. Do you have colorful blooms in your landscaping? If so, let them guide your color (and pattern) choices.

  1. Blur the lines that separate indoor and outdoors.

Looking to your home’s architecture is another tool for inspiration. This definitely comes in handy if you want the outdoor furniture to reflect the style of the exterior of the home. Blurring the lines between two distinct spaces is a trend that’s on the rise, so if this is important to you, do what you can to mimic the look of indoors outside. To do this, add pieces of furniture to your outside space that matches the pieces you have inside. This is so easy to do thanks to abundant furniture styles and modern fabric technology.

  1. Balance your colors.

If you are using bold-colored fabrics to create a focal point, be sure to balance it with light, neutral, or white pieces so they don’t overpower the space. The same applies to dark, subdued colors. Be sure to balance them with lighter colors.

  1. Play with patterns.

Having patterns that contrast one another can provide beautiful visual interest and outdoor spaces are the perfect place to have a little fun with them. If you tend to shy away from a lot of pattern inside your home, now’s your chance to embrace a little eclecticism and whimsy. To keep it from getting out of control, it’s important to remember the general rule of pattern-mixing, which is to use no more than three different patterns in a scheme. Keep that in mind as you design your outdoor space as well.

  1. Accent the area.

Ornamentation and accents such as wall hangings, lighting and greenery (i.e. flowers) should not be forgotten. Typically, decorative accents are much cheaper than furniture, making it possible to change the style of your outdoor space every season if you wanted to. Candles, decorative pillows, and table linens are just some of the ways that you can jazz up your design scheme year to year.

  1. Consider a one-color palette.

If your backyard is complete with delightful gardens bursting with colorful blooms, consider a toned-down furniture set. Too much color could distract the eye from the real beauty that surrounds you. A muted, one-color palette will allow your grass, plants, and flowers to take center stage.

  1. Stay Symmetrical.

If you aren’t sure how to arrange your furniture, fall back on tried-and-true symmetry. Not only is symmetry pleasing to the eye, it’s easy to implement. And, it’s complementary to a variety of styles, making it a win all around.

  1. Be a rule-breaker.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to every rule of design. The rules are plentiful, and while sticking to them works for some, others prefer a carefree attitude when it comes to their outdoor living area. It’s your space, so have fun and make it what you want.

When you are looking for a fabric store near you in River Oaks, TX, stop by our Interior Fabrics location in Houston, Tx for great deals on discount designer fabrics. You will find a variety of outdoor fabrics that can help your outdoor project turn out beautifully.

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