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Common Color Dilemmas

Choosing a color palette for your home can be daunting, but knowing what to avoid can make it a much more enjoyable (and successful). Let’s take a look at five common color dilemmas that arise during the color-picking process.Common-Color-Dilemmas Houston

  1. Not knowing the basics. You don’t have to be a color expert but you should at least know the basic fundamentals of the color wheel before you start piecing together a palette. There are many things to be learned about color, but simply understanding warm vs. cool, complimentary vs. contrasting and what a neutral really is, can take you pretty far.
  1. Ignoring balance. Balance is extremely important, and when it comes to color in home decorating, there are a couple of key things to remember. The first is the rule of 60-30-10, which breaks colors down into three percentages: 60 percent of a dominant color, 30 percent of a secondary color and 10 percent of an accent color. The second is the incorporation of neutrals. If you don’t have three colors in your palette, then be sure to add neutrals to the one or two you have. This will keep the space from becoming over-saturated, and therefore, unbalanced.
  1. Picking colors that are wrong for the space. This can often tie into not knowing the basics. If you aren’t sure about what effects certain colors have, then you could quite possibly set the wrong mood. Think about what you want to convey or how you want to feel in each space.
  1. Trying to match all the colors. Instead of trying to match all your colors perfectly, try to use similar but softer ones. Doing so will make favorite pieces or accents stand out, rather than fade into the room.
  1. Following all the trends. Many trends are fun and exciting, but they are also fleeting. Before you jump head first into color, make sure you know why you’re picking it. Is it because you love it or is it because it’s “in” for the season? There’s nothing wrong with using the hottest color of the year, but rather than using it everywhere, use it sparingly and in unexpected ways to make a statement.

As mentioned earlier, being aware of these common mistakes can save you from wasting a lot of time or energy. Picking colors should be fun, not stressful, so remember these dilemmas and get the best colors to make your space complete.

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