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Cool & Comfortable Outdoor Living

The time for outdoor living varies by location, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to say your time has arrived. In today’s world, patios and porches have essentially become an extension of the home. This means homeowners are investing more time and money into upgrading their outdoor spaces to reflect the style within their interior walls. Because outdoor living spaces have become a central focus, manufacturers are continuously producing innovative fabrics that allow people to express their style to the fullest without compromising durability.


Finding Fabric that Fits and Making it Last

Your fabric needs to not only fit your space, but your location as well. Take your climate into consideration and think about the elements your furniture will be exposed to. So many indoor/outdoor fabrics exist, but if you live in extra harsh climates, it might be best to stick with something that’s strictly outdoors.

While most outdoor fabrics are hardy, they still require some maintenance. There are a few things you can do to preserve the lifespan of your outdoor fabrics. One thing is to brush or vacuum your cushions regularly to keep them clean. Be sure to read any labels before heavy cleaning. Another thing to do is remove or cover pillows and cushions during extreme weather. If these items happen to get soaked, prop them up against a wall so all the moisture can drain out.

What’s Trending Now

Outdoor living trends are becoming just as popular as interior trends these days and the same rule applies: don’t jump on large trends unless you’re certain you can live with it for a while. This year, however, offers three trends that will probably stick around for several years to come. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  1. Bringing the indoors out. As mentioned earlier, outdoors spaces are becoming a full extension of the house. Outdoor furniture is upholstered and stylish and extra seating, including multi-functional ottomans and poufs, are a must. Outdoor curtains are also a hit in spaces that allow for them.
  2. Natural elements. Organic and sustainable are two words that are becoming the focus of home decorating these days and being that you’re outside, using elements from nature makes sense. Woods like cedar, teak and wooden wicker will be hot this year, in both seating and tables.
  3. Eclectic mix. No need to go monochromatic. This year is all about mixing it up! Bold colors, paired with earthy tones are the ideal way to create a stylish outdoor space. Don’t forget to mix patterns and textures or add trim and embellishments.

If you are looking for outdoor fabrics near you in Houston, we have just what you need! Come by our Interior Fabrics location on Fondren Road where you will find a wide selection on fresh and colorful outdoor fabric.

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