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Decorating a Kid’s Play Area

 The act of playing and using the imagination is essential to a child’s development, which is why having a place to do so is important. While some people live in areas that allow year-round outdoor play, many others, do not. If you fall into this category, then an indoor spot designated for fun is a necessity.

It’s important to keep in mind that a play area does not have to encompass an entire room. If you have the space, great, but if not, then just make the most of what space you do have. It doesn’t really matter if the play area is a section of the basement or a corner in a bedroom. It’s also important to remember that a play area doesn’t have to break the bank. Children don’t need anything fancy to have fun. As long as your child knows that space belongs to him or her, all is well. Here are some tips that will hopefully inspire you to decorating the perfect play area for your little one to have some fun.

Decorating A Kid's Play Area Spring

Tip #1: Deign with your child’s interests in mind

You probably have tons of ideas running through your head, but what you like isn’t really what the play area is about. Your child will be the one spending quite a bit of time there, so it’s really important to take into consideration what appeals to him or her. If you have a son, he might be into trains, sports or building blocks. If you have a daughter, she might like to read, draw, or play dress-up. Items that would promote these interests would be a small table, a cushy chair, a mirror and a train track. You get the idea. If you’re tight on space, throw a rubber mat down for trucks and trains, or use chalkboard paint on the wall so they have a place to create masterpieces.

Tip #2: Incorporate as much storage as you can

Kids come with a lot of toys, so to keep the space from getting cluttered, make sure you have storage.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look for large toy boxes. Instead, go for vertical storage like floor to ceiling shelves, keeping toys tucked away neatly in colorful baskets. Not only will it look nice, it will maximize your space. If the play area will be in the bedroom, you could switch to bunk beds to open up the room for shelves or an armoire, or even purchase multi-functional pieces that act as both seating and storage.

Tip #3: Don’t forget the color

This is a place meant to fuel creativity, so be sure to make it colorful. Don’t feel restricted to putting color solely on the walls. Color can be incorporated in a variety of ways: on furniture, with an area rug, and with window treatments. Scout out durable pieces from a thrift or consignment shop and give it new life with paint. If you have fabric-covered pieces, reupholster it in a kid-friendly pattern that’s also durable.

As a reminder, always keep safety in mind as you design. This includes outlet covers, sturdy furniture and ample lighting, to name a few. Have fun with your creation and know that your child is going to love the play area whether it’s big or small.

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