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How to Design the Perfect Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Teen bedroom designs have evolved quite a bit over the years. Not only are rooms looking trendier, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to colors, bedding, patterns, and more. Throw the ever-changing styles of young girls into the mix, and it may seem like decorating the perfect teen girl room is next to impossible. Thankfully, it’s not. Let’s talk for a bit about how you can give her an on-point room that will reflect your teen girl’s maturing style.


Classics are classics for a reason

There’s nothing wrong with following a trend. In fact, there are plenty of cute decorating trends that are worth taking a closer look at (we’ll get into those later). With that said, trends can be tricky–and jumping on the bandwagon too quickly can get you into a decorating dilemma. Before the bedroom makeover, show your teen girl some of the classic patterns and materials that stand the test of time. Here are a few to consider:  

Chevron Patterns

Even though the popularity of chevron patterns may ebb and flow, they never go out of style. A chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern that looks great on flooring and on accessories. If you have a girl that loves a bold look then chevron chic is the way to get it done. This pattern can make a really strong impact on a room, so it doesn’t take much before you verge on going overboard. Too much of a good thing can become problematic, so stick with using it in smaller doses.

Chevron is especially popular as an accent pattern on decorating accessories such as pillow, rugs, and curtains. It’s even a very popular pattern choice for flooring.If you aren’t planning on redoing the flooring in her room, though, your best bet is to incorporate the pattern by way of the accessories mentioned above. You can even use the pattern on the bedspread as long as you don’t saturate the space by using it too much elsewhere. Chevron patterns come in a variety of widths and colors, which makes it simple to find something she’ll really enjoy. Have a bold, shabby chic girl? Go for gold. Gold chevron fabric is super sophisticated and will look great pretty much anywhere you put it.

Animal Prints

For your girl that has some added flair, focus in on animal prints. Whether you venture on the bold side or stick with subtle colors, animal prints are the perfect way to add some fun to her space. One of the best places to add animal prints is on furniture. Faux gator, zebra or leopard patterns, made out of faux leather or suede, make great upholstery fabrics for chairs, cushions or ottomans.  If there aren’t many furnishings to reupholster, focus on the biggest piece in the room: the bed. A comforter made out of suede animal print will definitely make the bed the focal point of the room.

Silk Fabrics

The glamorous girl should be surrounded by silk. Two amazing fabrics that will make the perfect teen girl bedroom are taffeta and dupioni silk. When combined, the results are stunning. The natural bumps and impurities within dupioni silk make it a beautiful fabric for bedding. The smoothness of taffeta makes a lovely contrast when used for drapery throughout the room. You really can’t go wrong with either one of these fabrics so whether you use one or both, just have fun with it.

Recent Trends Worth Looking At

As mentioned earlier, there are some trends that are worthy of our attention. In fact, some of the trendy looks I’m seeing today are ones that could actually stick around for a very long time. Dare I say that some of them may become new classics?

One of the norms we see in teen girl rooms is candy-colors. There’s actually a lot you can do with that, so that’s not a bad thing. Today, however, we have more to work with and choose from. There are 10 newer trends that I think are fun, fresh, and funky:

  1. Food and large floral motifs
  2. Tassels
  3. Softer color palette
  4. Trendy rugs
  5. Faux Fur
  6. Pretty storage
  7. Pillow covers
  8. Hanging decor
  9. Mixing metallics
  10. Playful wall signage

If you’ve been to any home decorating stores I’m sure you’ve seen some, if not all, of these newer trends. They’re so cute and clever!

As you decorate your teen girl’s bedroom, keep some of these things in mind: 1) Most teenage girls love bold colors; 2) Painting the walls is a great way to incorporate change without having to completely overhaul the space; 3) Get her involved! Find out from your daughter if she wants a specific theme or color scheme. It is her space after all; 4) If there’s a special she’d enjoy for her room, consider having it custom made; and 5) Nice, doesn’t have to equal expensive. Look for sales and visit your local fabric store for materials and advice.

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