Diy Halloween Decor Ideas Cypress Tx

DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

If you’re one who likes to decorate for all the holidays, but hate to spend a fortune doing so, why not try your hand at making your own decorations this year? Here are some fun do-it-yourself Halloween ideas. They’re inexpensive, they’re quick and they’re just what you need to make your home a little spookier.

Creepy Candles 

Think of a seasonal message (i.e. boo, eek, trick or treat, etc) and buy a glass pillar candleholder for each letter. You can create your message in two ways: 1) by wrapping the outside of the glass with colored tissue paper and then adhering vinyl letters or 2) download a free letter template, print, and then wrap around each glass pillar. Light the candles and watch them flicker.


Star Ornaments 

Buy a few Halloween cards (or recycle old ones) and cut them into a star shape. Use some glitter to decorate the tips, or to frame in a particular graphic. Add a string and hang them from a doorknob or window.

Masked Candy Jar 

Take a glass jar and affix a sequined mask to it. For an extra-spooky kick, take some creepy flat green marbles and adhere them as eyes for the mask. People might think twice about taking extra candy if they know they’re being “watched.”

Tie it in Bows 

Head to your local fabric store or craft store to find some Halloween inspired ribbon. Wrap lengths of the ribbon around things like candlesticks, chair backs, lamp bases, a pumpkin stem, or whatever else will look better with a bow accent.

Ghoulish Table Runner 

Felt is great for an easy DIY table runner. For example, take a piece of black felt and a piece of orange felt, both cut to fit the length of your table. Cut images like holes, pumpkins, spiders, cats, etc out of one of the pieces, layer it on top of the solid, uncut piece and sew the edges together. Voila, you have a table runner!  For something even simpler, head to a fabric store or buy some Halloween-inspired fabric online and make your own tablecloth.

Tabletop Tree 

Find the right size pumpkin that can sit on your entry table or another table in the house. Cut the top off and carve a small hole in it. If you’d rather use a pot, that will work too. Place a piece of Styrofoam in the hole, since this will anchor your tree. Find fallen branches from outside and stand them up in the Styrofoam. For an extra eerie kick, try painting the branches black or hang homemade bats or ghosts from it.

Spooky Sweets

Last but not least is a project anyone can do. Bake or buy some sugar cookies, cover them with white icing and then decorate in black icing. You can draw things like spooky eyes, spider webs, headstones, dots, spiders or ghosts on top of each cookie. No one will want to turn these down!

At Interior Fabrics near Cypress, TX, we have tons of discount designer fabrics to help you create that Halloween look, but without the price tag!

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