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The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Treatments

When decorating a home, it’s important to remember just how important window treatments are. These days, window treatments are looked upon as far more than just functional items. They are an integral part of your interior design, serving in a manner that adds both personality and style to a room. But, before you head out to make a purchase, take a look at some of these do’s and don’ts when it comes to styling the window treatments for your home.

The Dos And Donts Of Window Treatments Houston Discount Fabric

Do choose colors & patterns carefully

Window treatments are one of the main things you’ll see within the space, so it’s highly important that you choose colors and patterns wisely. To do this, thoroughly evaluate the space to ensure you don’t overdo it when picking your fabric. 

Do you already have large-patterned fabric within the space? If so, perhaps a solid fabric or one with a smaller pattern might be the best choice. Lots of neutrals in the room? Here’s your chance to shine with a window treatment pattern that will make a statement! 

Whichever route you go, choose a window treatment fabric that resides in the same color family as the rest of your fabric choices. Your window treatments should complement the space, not compete with everything else in it.

Don’t neglect to add the right hardware

Believe it or not, hardware is extremely important. Your rods and finials should suit the fabric you choose (i.e. large, decorative rods for heavy fabrics and daintier rods for light-weight fabrics). Additionally, the hardware material should match the rest of the room. Metals and woods can and should be matched to other common metals and woods found throughout the room.

Do be selective with fabric, including the lining

The fabric should suit the type of room it’s being used in. For instance, if you’re covering windows in a high-traffic family room, you might want to stick with easy-to-clean cotton. If you’re decking out windows in a dining room, sheers might work better. If it’s privacy your need, thick fabric such as velvet or wool would be a wise pick. 

It’s also important to consider lining. Do you want the light to shine through? If so, stick with a basic cotton lining. What about warmth in the winter and cool in the summer? A lining meant to insulate would be the one to pick. Want to keep the sun out of the bedroom for as long as possible in the morning? Go with a blackout lining.

Don’t forget about decorative details

Trim can make any window treatment look even better. Whether it’s something simple like fringe or something more extravagant like tassels, trim is worth considering when you’re adding window treatments to a room. Did you know we have trim and tassels available online and in-store for purchase? With such a wide selection, we’re sure to have something that will coordinate with the decor of your home.  

Do measure and hang properly

Window treatments come in various sizes so it’s important that you measure and hang them properly. As a general rule, drapes should be at least 12 inches above and below the window frame — not directly above the window. Additionally, the curtain rod should be extended to where the drapes are at least 6 inches long (3 in minimum) on the sides of the windows. Essentially, the goal is to hang the window treatments high and wide for maximum effect. 

Don’t ignore curb appeal

Sometimes, people forget that their window treatments can be seen from the outside as well. If the exterior of your home has a certain color scheme or architecture you’d like to accentuate, then it’s a good idea to choose window treatments that fit the bill. For example, if your home’s exterior has a contemporary feel, then contemporary blinds would be a perfect choice. 

Do layer window treatments

Layering window treatments has become something of a forever trend. Rather than a single type of window treatment, designer-esque windows have at least two window treatments. This could be a pairing of something such as a bamboo shade framed by drapes or wood blinds topped off with a Roman shade. Not only does a pairing of window treatments increase functionality, but it also boosts style in a major way, turning your home’s windows into a design focal point. 

Don’t skimp on quality

The right window treatments can, and should, last a really long time. But, this won’t happen if you don’t invest a little extra for better quality products. Those plastic blinds might be more affordable, but they break and discolor easily. They also detract from the overall attractiveness of your space. Those pre-packaged curtains might be a quick fix for dull windows, but in a year or two, they might be incredibly faded or frayed because of their cheap quality. 

Cutting Corners For Stylish Windows 

From discount designer fabric to decorative details, we have everything you need to have the most stylish of windows. Stop by one of our showrooms or browse online to see all we have to offer. We are here to help you get the custom window treatments of your dreams! 

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