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Getting Creative with Performance Fabrics in Unique Home Spaces

Get Creative with Performance Fabrics in These Unique Home Spaces

Performance fabrics open up exciting new possibilities for decorating less conventional areas in your home. With their durability, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning, performance textiles allow you to use elegant fabrics in spaces where you never thought you could. Read on for 7 creative rooms to unleash performance fabrics.

  1. How To Use Performance Fabrics In Unique Home Spaces Houston Performance FabricMudroom

The mudroom sees dirty shoes, dripping umbrellas, and coats covered in rain and snow. This high-traffic area needs fabric that can withstand wear and take on mud and moisture. Performance fabrics like polyester microfiber and olefin are perfect for upholstering a mudroom bench or making curtains to filter the view.

  1. Bathroom

From splashing during baths to steam from showers, bathrooms need fabrics that can handle moisture. Performance microfiber makes ultra-soft, stain-resistant towels. Shower curtains and window treatments made of acrylic or polyester performance fabrics can deal with humidity without growing mildew.

  1. Basement

Basements are prone to dampness and mold growth. Fight back using performance fabrics on basement sofas and chairs so you can have comfortable seating without worry. Microfiber and synthetics make cozy, durable throw blankets perfect for basement family rooms.

  1. Kids’ rooms

From craft messes to food spills, kids’ rooms need durable, stain-resistant fabrics. Performance fabrics allow you to decorate with colorful prints that will withstand years of use. Crypton-treated fabrics excel at handling stains when upholstering chairs, daybeds, or window seats in a child’s room.

  1. Home gym

When working out at home, performance fabrics are the best choice for yoga mats, foam rollers, and equipment covers. The combination of easy wipe-cleaning and sweat resistance keeps your home gym gear fresher. Plus, the color won’t fade from the sun coming through exercise room windows.

  1. Kitchen

Kitchens are high-stain zones, making performance table linens and curtains a smart choice. Acrylic or polyester fabric resists food and drink spills so your kitchen textiles stay looking great after many washes. Use performance fabric for a tablecloth or cafe curtains around the sink.

  1. Outdoor spaces

Outdoor furniture needs durable fabric that can handle sun, rain, snow, and dirt while resisting mildew. Look for performance fabrics specifically engineered as outdoor fabric, like solution-dyed acrylic or woven olefin. Use them to craft pillows and cushions for your patio, porch, or deck.

More Unexpected Places to Use Performance Fabrics:

-Pillows and blankets for family room sofas and chairs

-Upholstery for rec room game chairs

-Blackout curtains for home theater or media rooms

-Tablecloths for dining room tables

-Slipcovers for bar seating in entertaining areas

-Outdoor cushions for porches, patios and decks

Performance fabrics allow you to use stylish, elegant textiles in unconventional rooms without worry. Browse our selection of performance fabrics today to find options that will hold up beautifully while adding comfort and decor to the unique spaces in your home.

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