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How to Perfect Your Coastal Decor

Getting the Perfect Final Touches of Coastal Decor

Coastal décor is a popular interior design style that often incorporates elements inspired by the sea and beach, such as blues, whites, natural textures, and nautical motifs. Here are some popular coastal décor interior decorating elements that can be incorporated in your home without looking like an 80’s beach house yard sale:

How To Perfect Your Coastal Decor Houston Tx Coastal Decor

From top left:
Mirrored World Map
Markira Blue Sculptures
Propellers Rust Sculptures
Marcelo Modern Wall Clock
Ruffled Feathers Modern White Bowl

Natural materials: Coastal décor often incorporates natural materials such as rattan, wicker, jute, and bamboo. These materials can be used for furniture, lighting, and décor accents.

Soft, muted colors: Coastal décor typically features soft, muted colors like whites, blues, and greens. These colors can be used for walls, furniture, and décor accents.

How To Perfect Y Our Coastal Decor Houston Area DecorNautical motifs: Nautical motifs like anchors, ropes, and sailboats can add a subtle coastal touch to your decor without looking too kitschy. Use these motifs in small doses, such as on throw pillows or wall art.

Textured fabrics: Cottons and Linens are always a great addition to coastal décor. These fabrics can easily be used for curtains, bedding, and throw pillows to add a cozy, beachy feel to your home. Try looking for soft creams, whites, shades of blue and greens.

Seashells and self-collected décor: Seashells and other beachy décor can be incorporated into your home décor in a tasteful way. You know those awesome shells you brought home from your last vacation? Grab a simple glass vase, twine, and ModgePodge. Wrap the bottom couple of inches in twine using the ModgePodge to secure it and let it dry. Finish it off by carefully tossing in your collection of shells for display. Want something even easier? Check out our Ruffled Feathers Modern Bowl – great for displaying that collection!

Organic shapes: Incorporating organic shapes, like those found in seashells and driftwood, can add a natural, beachy feel to your décor. Look for furniture or décor pieces with curved lines and smooth shapes to create a relaxed coastal vibe. For example, our Markira blue sculptures come as a set of 3, each with a different beachy texture, color, and pattern.

When incorporating coastal décor into your home, it’s important to keep it subtle and tasteful. Stick to a simple color palette, use natural materials, and incorporate beachy elements in small doses to create a relaxed, beachy feel without going overboard. Make sure to have fun with it and carry the theme through more than one room. Check out some of the beach and nautical inspired décor pieces on our site – if you weren’t already inspired to take the dive, get ready, they just might be a enough to change your mind.

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