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What Kind of Valance is Right for You?

 Valances are a wonderful way to add that finishing touch to the windows in your home. Because of their versatility, they can be used to complete the look of your drapery by decoratively concealing hardware and fixtures, or they can simply be used to add some visual interest by themselves without overloading the window with fabric. Without knowing the types of valances out there however, it can be hard to pinpoint what kind of valance is right for your space. The “best” type of valance will depend on your personal preference in style, so let’s take a look at the varieties available.

What Kind Of Valance Is Right For You?

  • Balloon: A puffy valance made of lightweight fabric gathered to create a balloon effect.
  • Tailored, flat: A rectangular valance without ruffles or gathers.
  • Swag, festoon, jabot: One or more sections of draped fabric that hang down in a rounded fashion.
  • Scarf: A valance that is draped over, rather than attached to the rod (similar to swag but with less structure).
  • Ascot: Valances that are a “V” or triangular shape.
  • Crenellated: Bottom hem has a cutout edge similar in appearance to the edge of a castle.
  • Rod pocket or tab: It slides onto a separate rod just like a curtain.
  • Cornice or pelmet: Resembles a stiff box or frame rather than typical drapery-like valances.

As mentioned earlier, your decision will ultimately be based on your personal preference and style that blends with your decor. With that said, if you’re looking for a feminine or traditional vibe, stick with draped style valances such as the swag and scarf. For a masculine or modern look, go with something sleek and simple like the cornice or flat.

Before You Buy Fabric

Just because valances don’t cover the entire window, it doesn’t mean they should be considered any less important when it comes to purchasing. Be sure to think things through and take careful steps before you buy.

Always measure the width of the window, adding a few inches to account for the rod, in order to get the right fit. The length, although not crucial to fitting onto the window, will affect the final look. You can use a spare piece of fabric to get a general idea as to the length in which you want the valance to hang. This will also help you calculate the right proportions for your windows.

It’s also important to take into account the types of windows you have when measuring and purchasing. Do your windows open from the top? Are there any blinds, shades or indoor shutters installed? If so, then a valance might interfere.

When it comes to complimenting your home’s decor style, narrow down your valance choices by finding colors, prints and fabric materials you love. In some cases you might be able to simply add a valance, but in others, it might require a complete replacement.

Finally, be sure to shop around before making a purchase. Between department stores and the internet, there are thousands of choices out there to wade through. Sorting though it all can be extremely time consuming, so be sure to only focus on valances that meet your criteria.

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