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Must-Have Accessories for Your Home

Accessories allow you to put your stamp on your space. True, you can get by with only filling the space with the main pieces of furniture, but it’s the accessories that add warmth, personality and style to your home. An easy way to accessorize is by choosing pieces that express your interests, but if there’s nothing that seems to work for decorating purposes, you can use these popular pieces as a fallback.


1. Throw pillows: Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to add color, texture and style to a room. Pillows jazz up neutral furniture, tie together color schemes and provide additional comfort. Furthermore, pillows can easily be changed out to accommodate the changing seasons. We can easily create customs pillows for your space with our pillows and fabric.

2. Vases: Vases date as far back to ancient Greece and have remained a popular accessory for the home. Common vase materials include ceramic, crystal and glass, which compliment any home decor.

3. Books: Books are great for reading but they also work well for adding interest. Add a stack of books (or just one big one) to a flat surface that needs some attention. Or, stand a few up with some interesting bookends. You can always remove book jackets that don’t mesh with your decor. Combine books with small items or pair like-colored books together on shelves for even more style.

4. Art: Art is versatile and easy to come by. From paintings to sculptures to kid’s drawings, there is an abundance of eye-catching art available for your home. You can even create art yourself, which allows you to have something very personal and one-of-a-kind.

5. Candles: Candles, scented or unscented, are pretty to look at even when they aren’t lit. There’s just something about them that do a lot for the mood of a room. Candles look nice on a simple candle holder, but you can make them even more eye-catching by using them in wall sconce holders, intricate lanterns or nestled on tray full of pebbles.

6. Rugs: Rugs aren’t just beautiful they’re comfortable as well providing warmth and comfort to your space. Rugs can also tie a design scheme together. A quality rug is going to cost you, but if you want something that will last, it’s worth the investment. Be sure to check out our selection of gorgeous rugs.

7. Houseplants. Not only do houseplants look good, they make you feel good. Studies have shown that plants clean the air around us, neutralize chemicals, and reduce stress, making them an accessory that shouldn’t be ignored.

8. Mirrors: Another classic accessory, mirrors increase natural light, make rooms look bigger and let us check our reflection. And, because they come in many shapes, sizes and designs, they make a perfect compliment for your decor.

Remember, design and furniture are nice, but can only take you so far. If you want to truly make your house a home, take time to incorporate home accessories.

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