Outdoor Living Trends 2019

5 Outdoor Living Trends Worth Trying in 2019

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to start talking about outdoor living. Last year, we talked about hot trends such as attractive furniture, colorful fabrics, seamless transitions, fashionable flooring, fire features, and smart gadgets. Being as wonderful as those trends are, it’s no surprise that they’re hanging around this year (and as it appears, many more years to come). So, let’s take a look at what else you add to your outdoor spaces this season.

1. Outdoor Kitchens

While outdoor kitchens have been around for a while, this year, they’re more popular than ever before. Homeowners everywhere are falling in love with the idea of having a secondary prep, cook, and serve space. Some custom features you can work into your outdoor kitchen include, but are not limited to, grills and side burners, fridges, sinks, hidden trash cans, pantries, and even pizza ovens (keep in mind that outdoor features vary in importance depending on what you need for your lifestyle).

2. Stonework

Natural materials are a popular choice for outdoor spaces. One particular material that is a favorite among many homeowners is stone. The great thing about stone is that it will never go out of style. In addition to that, stone allows you to create a contrast of textures, shapes, and colors that no other natural material really can.

3. Water Features

Those that consider their outdoor living space an oasis might consider having a water feature installed. For many, the sounds of rushing water from a water feature enhance their relaxing environment. Another great benefit of water features is that they can help drown out noise if you live in a busy part of town. Water features come in a variety of ways including fountains, spillway bowls, and much more.

4. Illumination

Outdoor lighting is another trend that’s high in demand this year. With the right lighting, your outdoor space can feel incredibly welcoming, especially when that lighting is integrated to accentuate key features of your porch, deck, or patio. Think spotlights or tread lights to highlight walls and bar tops and LED lighting to illuminate railing and stairs–all with the ability to be dimmed depending on the mood you wish to create.

5. Blended and Complex Spaces

At one time, your porch, deck, and patio were distinct, individual spaces. That’s no longer the case. Today, it’s all about unifying those spaces. This year, you’ll see more decks combined with porches and patios, creating one main (and sometimes multi-level) outdoor space. Not only does it look amazing, but it also gives you more ways to enjoy your outdoor living.

Ready to turn your outdoor space into a little piece of paradise? Be sure to stop by our showroom for your textiles and accessories. We have a wide variety of indoor-outdoor fabrics and decorative accents that are sure to make your outdoor living both comfortable and stylish.


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