Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report And Your Home Nectarine Jpg

Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report and Your Home

Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report And Your Home Nectarine

What are the hottest design and fabric trends for 2013?

It’s finally here: the Pantone 2013 color report. Emerald, Pantone 17-5641, has been named color of the year, but as usual, there is an extended color palette, which is sure to please those who love color. The pinks from last year have shifted to reds, the earthy tones of brown are now green and gray, the oranges have been toned down a bit, and a splash of cheery yellow has been thrown into the mix. The deep blue and purple shades from last year are very similar to this year’s selections, which finish off a lovely palette.

This year’s palette, full of soothing neutrals and energizing brights include Emerald, Grayed Jade, African Violet, Monaco Blue, Nectarine, Poppy Red, Linen, Lemon Zest, Alloy, Tidal Foam, Sunflower, Vibrant Orange, Tender Shoots and Dusk Blue. With 14 gorgeous colors such as these, the possibilities are endless as to what you can do in regards to a home decor update.

Fabric Resource has put together some combinations as well as suggestions for fabric choices. Keep reading to see our favorites.

Color Combo #1: Tender Shoots, Monaco Blue & Alloy

Green and blue are always a beautiful combination. They are colors of nature and have a way of making you feel soothed and calm. Combined with soft shades of gray, this trio of colors is sure to make your home dazzle.

Fabric recommendations: Jackson (green), Folly (royal) and Lynsey (gray).

Color Combo #2: Lemon Zest & Tidal Foam

The combination of yellow and gray have a little more modern feel to them, but can still work with any design style based on the pattern of fabric you choose. The pairing of these two colors is becoming quite popular, so finding a fabric you love shouldn’t be hard.

Fabric recommendations: Duffy (gray), Dunning (gray) or Dustin (gray), with accents of Allen (gold).

Color Combo #3: Nectarine, Vibrant Orange & African Violet

One might be timid in adding shades of orange and purple to a space, but the combination is fun, fresh and worth considering. Teamed together, the two colors liven up a room, like a breath of fresh air.

Fabric recommendations: Gypsy (pink), Jefferson (tang) and Folly (aubergine).

Color Combo #4: Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue, Poppy Red & Linen

A little patriotic and always classic, this combination of red, white and blue is beautiful. Something as simple as throw pillows, curtains or bedding in this combination can bring a new look into the space, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Fabric recommendations: Decide (blue), Timeless (crimson), Kanvastex (red), O-Camba (navy), Lucky (blue) and Access (natural).

Color Combo #5: Emerald & Grayed Jade

We can’t forget the color of the year and thankfully, shades of greens and blue-greens are easy to pair up. Since this is the color of the year, you will probably see an abundance of green popping up everywhere. Why not add it to your home?

Fabric recommendations: Joker (teal), O-Weather (spearmint) and Tammy (teal).

These are just some of the many combinations this year’s palette allows. Come in, browse our selection and let us help you find the best fabric for your favorite color palette this year.

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