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Six Ideas to Improve Your Mood with Decorating

In a recent survey conducted by home design site Houzz, results showed nine out of ten homeowners (87%) felt the look of their home impacted their overall happiness. What about you? Does your home’s interior make you happy? If not, it might be time to give it a little update. Let’s look at some ways you can improve your home and your mood.

Improve-Your-Moo- With-Decorating-Houston

  1. Decorate with items you love. Find what brings you bliss and use it in your decorating. When you have items you love in your line of sight, a smile will come to your face quickly and frequently.
  1. Bring in extra texture for extra smiles. In most cases, when something catches our eye, it brings a smile to our lips. Texture has a way of doing that without much effort. Adding some texture to the walls, on the floor, or with furnishings and accessories is an easy way to get a mood boost.
  1. Erase some color. Color is beautiful, so its popularity is no surprise. With that said, with so much color around us, we’ve forgotten just how powerful white can be. The color white reflects light in a way no other color can, providing an energy that’s indescribable. Furthermore, a simple white serves as the perfect backdrop for pops of unexpected color.
  1. Purchase curvy, neutral furniture. Soft lines and neutral tones soften a room, so look for pieces that fit the bill. Your room will feel lighter and so will your mood.
  1. Add colorful cheer to small, unexpected spaces. Half baths, guest rooms, and entryways are a few examples of small and unexpected spaces to have colorful statements. Adding a punch of drama keep these areas from going unnoticed.
  1. Be brave and mix things up. There’s no rulebook that states everything in your home has to match. Sure, decorating guidelines exist, but if you aren’t happy, it’s okay to venture down your own path. Add some interest by blending design styles to incorporate pieces from different cultures and periods. Combining both humble and fine materials within a space is perfectly acceptable too.

Your home should be the one place that brings you happiness. It takes time to get it all right, but sticking with what makes you feel good will get you on track. Before you know it, you’ll have the happy home you’ve always wanted.

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