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The Art of Decorating the Man Room

A man room, or “man cave” as it is more commonly referred to, is a place set aside for a man to pursue his interests by himself or with friends and family. No matter where this space is located the garage, a shed, the basement, etc it is not a space meant for work, but rather a space for relaxation and enjoyment. This means it should be decorated in a way that will be pleasing, inviting and most importantly, personal. Here we’ll take a look at some simple design rules, as well as common “must-haves” that will make the space fit to meet the needs of the one who will occupy it.


So, what exactly should a man room possess? In a nutshell: quality, comfort and personality.

It’s important that the room has items crafted with care. This should be a standard for most rooms in the house, but considering men are built bigger and tend to need more pieces that are functional and durable, quality pieces are the way to go. Heavy, durable fabrics are key to the Man Room. Many guys prefer black out drapes or other heavy window treatments for both look and functionality. For longer lasting furniture, leathers and faux leathers work wonders for upholstered pieces, plus they look stylish too!

It’s important that the room offers comfort. As mentioned earlier, functional pieces are often preferred by men but that doesn’t mean they aren’t concerned with form as well. When it comes to man room furniture, aim for items such as lounge chairs and large couches covered in comfortable fabrics of masculine patterns and textures. Colors within the space are important too, as they can make or break the comfort level of the room. For a man room, think solid, darker and earthy colors like red, brown, green, gray and blue.

It’s important that the room reflects personality. It’s the MAN room, so it needs to reflect the MAN who spends time there. When it comes to decor, anything goes in this space. Personal collections, movie posters, album covers, sports memorabilia, automotive gear, animal heads, etc, are all welcome and should be displayed proudly if that’s what’s meaningful.

Common Must-Haves for a Man Room

Each man is different, so not every man room will require the same things. With that said, there are common items that tend to be popular among many men:

  • Shelving and/or entertainment center
  • Electronics
  • Game table (i.e. foosball, pool; cards)
  • Wet bar or mini fridge
  • Comfortable seating (i.e. recliner, lounge chair; couch)
  • Coffee table or end tables
  • Proper lighting
  • Heavy Drapery (Black out drapes are great for this room)

Remember, a man cave doesn’t have to reflect a dungeon or a frat house. With time and thought, the space can be one of comfort and class that is recognized as a statement room within your home.

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