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How to Work With the Color Orange in Your Home

Maybe it’s because school is back in session or that autumn is just around the corner, but now seems like a good time to talk about the color orange. A color that reflects many moods, one might think that using such a color in a home requires a lot of bravery, but honestly, it doesn’t. Orange is simply one of those colors you either like or don’t — and if you like it, it’s up to you as to how much or how little you incorporate it into your home. Even among those who have a fondness for the color, it’s not always one that becomes an instinctual first choice. it is definitely a color worthy of consideration, though, and not just for the fall months either. 

How To Work With The Color Orange In Your Home Houston Decor Shop

Why Orange? 

In its truest form, orange is the perfect mix of red and yellow. But, in a broader sense, it’s so much more than that. Orange is a color that is cheery and bold. It can be calm and soothing or vibrant and warm. It’s a color that elevates energy, health, and vitality. It’s a color that evokes happiness, inspires creativity, and provokes optimism. It’s even been known to stimulate appetite and socialization. In a nutshell, orange is the perfect color to use if you want to create an interior that’s both inviting and joyful. 

Another great thing about this color is its wide spectrum. With a spectrum that ranges from zesty, citrus hues to rich, reddish paprika tones, there’s a shade of orange perfectly suited for a wide variety of decorating styles, including contemporary to country and everything in between. This wide spectrum also makes it incredibly easy to pair with more colors than you may realize. 

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Some no-fail colors to pair with your shades of orange include red, purple, blue, yellow, teal, green, black, other shades of orange, and any neutrals like beige, gray, brown, and white. Of course, whichever color (or colors) you choose will depend on whether you are going for a complementary or contrasting palette. Both offer the opportunity to create a really beautiful space.

This single color can infuse personality into a room with ease — and, if this is something your home needs, then orange might be the color for you.

 With that said, it can be a color many people aren’t sure how to use. Let’s talk about how to use orange in big ways and in small ones too.

Using the Color Orange in Small Ways 

If you’re intrigued by a shade of orange but aren’t ready for, or in need of, something bold, keep it simple. Focus on decorative accessories such as accent pillows, vases, lamps, and artwork.

You can even take it a step further by incorporating it into your home through slightly bigger items such as area rugs, duvet covers, or window treatments. Outdoor spaces are also great places to try new colors.

How To Work With The Color Orange In Your Home Houston Decor Shops

Taking a Bigger Leap With the Color Orange

If not much holds you back when it comes to test-driving a new color, then there are certainly bigger ways you can use shades of orange in your home. Ready to dive in head first? Start with your walls. It’s a bold move, but orange is a very warm and welcoming color that can make an incredible statement in your home. If you aren’t sure about using it in a prominent area of the home, opt for a more unexpected approach of painting the walls of a powder room or the backs of some built-ins. Orange is also a great color for kid spaces, whether it’s a nursery, a bedroom, or a playroom.

Another big way to use orange is with fabric. This doesn’t mean you have to cover your entire sofa in tangerine (although you could). Instead, consider something more along the lines of an accent chair. An accent chair in your entryway, study, or living room is a fun way to give the space an extra burst of vitality and personality. 

Remember, the color orange is so much more than what you find in a crayon box. Shades of orange range from deep to medium to bright, so there are many more options for you to play around with. Furthermore, fabrics with patterns give you more flexibility. Instead of focusing on solids, look for fabrics that have other colors incorporated within the pattern to make decorating easier.

How To Work With The Color Orange In Your Home Houston Decor Stores

Cutting Corners Has You Covered in Orange

Not only do we have custom furniture pieces including accent chairs and ottomans, but we also have a wide selection of orange textiles, both solid and patterned that are perfect for upholstery, as well as drapes and pillow covers.

In addition, we have a gorgeous selection of accessories, such as lamps, artwork, and our forever florals that can be found in varying shades of orange — the perfect way to bring in this lively color without making a large commitment.

When the time comes to start your decorating project, whether it involves the color orange or not, be sure to stop by our showroom to see how we can help you turn your home’s interior into one that dreams are made of. You can also browse some of our products on the website as well.

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