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10 Ways to Make an Impact with Color

Color. It’s that one thing many homeowners are afraid to tackle when it comes to decorating their homes. Sure, it can be easy to love a paint chip or fabric sample— but it’s applying it to real-life that becomes the challenge. The good news is that color isn’t something that has to be all or nothing. In fact, adding it in small, but effective ways, can actually result in a bigger impact than if you applied color from floor to ceiling. 

10 Ways To Make An Impact With Color Melissa Tx Designer Fabric Store

What Color Does for a Home

You’ve probably heard the term “color psychology” before, which is the study of color and how it affects human behavior. The theory behind it all is that certain colors can influence an automatic feeling or behavior in areas ranging from specific brands we buy to the everyday environments we immerse ourselves in. So, being that we spend a lot of time at home, it would make sense that color is something important to consider. 

Whether you opt for energizing and dramatic or gravitate toward calming and subtle, the colors you choose for your home will set the mood. It’s up to you to decide what mood you’re looking to set. 

10 Ways to Make an Impact With Color

Keep in mind that as great as color can be, there are certain areas that benefit from it more than others— especially if your goal is to make a statement. Here are 10 places to give color a shot. 

1. The Front Door

Curb appeal is something that any home can benefit from— and the front door is a perfect place to start. If you think about it, what better place to make a great first impression? Go with a daring shade to give your entryway a burst of energy you’ll appreciate each time you come home.

2. Walls & Window Coverings

There’s no rule that says you have to paint all four of your walls. Even if you only decide to paint a single wall, you don’t have to paint the entire thing. Partial walls (i.e. walls with windows, doors, built-ins, etc) are perfectly acceptable places to throw up some paint. You’ll get the splash of color you want without it being more than you can handle. Alternatively, keep your walls neutral and make a designer level splash with different bold colored window drapes. 

3. Headboards

Headboards are an easy way to create a colorful focal point in the bedroom. Buy, or have a custom headboard made, in a colorful fabric you love. Or, for something different, paint a portion of the wall behind your bed to create the appearance of a headboard.

4. Shelving and Bookcases

A fun way to bring in color is by adding it to shelving areas. If you have removable shelves, take them out, paint the back a fun hue, and then replace the shelves once it’s dry.

5. Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets may seem like a big risk to take, but it can actually be fun! Consider painting or swapping out a few doors (top, bottom, or both) or go all-in by changing color in its entirety.

6. Throw Pillows and Blankets

Colorful accent pillows and throw blankets are two of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to bring color into your home. Smaller items such as these are simple to change out whenever your tastes change.

7. Lampshades

There’s no need to replace the entire lamp if you still like the base. Instead, consider giving it an update by replacing the shade. Shades come in a variety of colors, making it easy to find something you like. Extra creative homeowners could even try a fun DIY project of dying a shade in a fun color and/or with a cool effect.

8. Area Rugs

A good rug is a wise investment. Not only does it add a layer of protection to the floor, but it’s also a simple way to give your home a splash of color. Stop by and check out our selection, which has something to complement every design style.

9. Sofa or Chair

You might be hesitant to purchase something as big as a colorful sofa, but doing so can be pretty empowering. While neutrals often seem the way to go, one central piece in a color you enjoy can make a big difference in your decor. If a colorful sofa seems too extreme, consider a single, or even a pair, of accent chairs in a stunning color or pattern. 

10. Wall Art

Hanging prints and paintings on the walls is one of the easiest ways to make a colorful impact within your home. Not only is art a way for you to express your individual style, but it’s also versatile. Regardless of whether you create a gallery wall with several smaller pictures or make a grand statement with a single piece, you can’t go wrong with art. 

When the time comes to make a colorful statement in your home, come see us first! We have a wide selection of fabrics and accessories in various colors and patterns that are sure to give you that punch of impact you desire. 


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