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Budget-Friendly Living Room Updates

We spend a lot of time living hard in our living rooms. It’s where we relax, entertain, and make memories— that space that takes a beating (and shows it) more often than other rooms in the house. Because of this, it helps to create a space that both looks good and can stand up to the abuse just about any well-used living room gets. The good news is that it doesn’t take a fortune to do it. In fact, there are several ways that you can easily incorporate some updates that will turn your living room into one that delivers on durability just as much as it will on style— and all for $500 or less.  Budget-Friendly Living Room Updates Euless Fabric And Decor Store

Dress Up Your Floor

An area rug is a wonderful way to make a stylish statement. Not only do they provide protection for your floor and comfort for your feet, but they can also easily pull the entire decor scheme together. Regardless of what your decorating style is, there is a rug to match. With such a wide variety of colors and patterns available, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect match for your space. Prices vary, and a good quality rug will be an investment, but it’ll be worth it.

Let There Be Light

Living rooms serve as an area for spending quality time with family and entertaining guests. In most cases, proper lighting is essential for the space— not just in function, but also when it comes to setting the mood. There are so many lighting options out there at affordable prices, there’s no reason you can’t swap out the old for something new, and then some. To help narrow down your options, check out our blog 5 Bright Lighting Trends For Illuminating Your Home

Spruce Up Your Windows

Windows always look better when dressed, and for a decent price, you can add or change out window treatments easily. From shades to valances to drapery panels and everything in between, there is surely something that can beautify your living room. When considering how to dress your windows, keep in mind that fabric is an essential part of the process. Since the material will ultimately dictate how well the window dressings will function and hold up over time, it’s important to choose wisely after determining the purpose they will serve. Learn more about window treatments by reading Guide to Best Fabrics For Drapes, Curtains, and Other Window Treatments

Give it a New Coat

Of paint, that is. Whether you reserve it for a single wall or decide to cover them all, paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update a living room on a budget. And, don’t just stop there! Paint is also great for giving pieces of furniture a facelift as well. Side tables, a chest of drawers, and bookcases— those, and more, can look amazing with a fresh coat of color. 

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Add Flair With Pillows

The great thing about accent pillows is that they can easily be changed out. They are readily available at virtually any store, but you can just as easily head to a fabric store for a pattern you love and a pillow form to cover it with. A great place to start would be to pull a color from something such as your window treatments or area rug to find pillows that will truly compliment the look of the room.

Bring In Some Greenery

When it comes to home decorating, houseplants are always a win. And, fortunately, you can find many different varieties at reasonable prices. While larger plants can fill out a space more quickly, they can be more expensive. You can, however, create the illusion of the room being filled with lots of greenery by arranging groups of small plants of different heights. 

Rearrange What You Have

Sometimes the solution to updating a living room is something as simple as rearranging the furniture that’s already there! Rearranging your furniture is easy, and can be done at no cost to you. And, in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter if your room is big or small— having the right furniture arrangement is what will make the space much more enjoyable. If you entertain frequently, try creating intimate and comfortable seating areas that will serve well for conversation. Have a big beautiful window or fireplace that would make a great focal point? If something is blocking it, move it somewhere else. To ensure that your furniture arrangement will make your living room its best, read our blog 7 Essential Tips For Arranging Furniture In Your Home

When you decide it’s time to update your living room, we have just what you need. From lighting to fabric to accessories, our showroom is a wonderful place to jumpstart your project. Or, browse our selections online. You’re sure to find something that will suit your budget-friendly upgrade nicely. 

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