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Blue, A Classic Color that Can Work for Anyone

There’s something special about the color blue. We can see the beauty of it when we look out at the sea or when we gaze up at the sky. Blue is a color known to be trustworthy, honest, and loyal. It’s peaceful and tranquil, offering a sense of both calmness and order without being pushy. It is a color that stirs up confidence and fuels wisdom. It can be masculine and feminine. It can be bold and bright or soft and soothing. There’s no easier hue to work with than this versatile color in all its warm and cool tones. You really just can’t go wrong with using this classic color in your home.

Blue A Classic Color That Can Work For Anyone Mesquite Fabric Near Me

Blue Can Morph Into Any Space You Want

Unless you understand the color itself, it can be hard to determine what shade of blue works best for the space in question. It’s important to know that blues can have different effects on a room depending on its temperature. This means you need to take into consideration two things: your room’s orientation and the effect you want to create. 

First of all, let’s talk about the color temperature where blue is concerned. 

Warm blues contain hints of red, which tend to come toward you, making a room feel cozy. Cool blues, on the other hand, have yellow in them and tend to recede, or back away, which can make spaces appear bigger.

What does the orientation of the room have to do with this? 

Well, if your room faces north or east, it’s likely in need of more warm daylight, which is where a warm-toned blue would be the better choice. If it faces south or west, it’s already getting the warmer light. In this case, you can afford to pick cooler tones of blue. 

If you aren’t concerned about the orientation of the room, then choose your blue based on the effect you want to achieve within the space. Warm shades of blue are ideal choices for social spaces like the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Conversely, cooler shades of blue are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Blue Can Be a Star Without Being Overpowering 

Another great thing about this color is that you really can’t have too much of it in one space. With so many ranges of blue at your fingertips, you can layer the variations within a single room — on the walls, the furniture, and the floor — without it ever feeling overdone.

Using Blue Hues In the Home 

As mentioned earlier, the color blue is incredibly versatile. Therefore, it can be used in an abundance of ways whether you decide to keep it classic or opt for something a bit more trendy. 

If all blue is too much for you, consider these options: keep blues localized to the walls and accessories (whispers of blue are an easy way to anchor a calming neutral scheme) or go big and bold with a single piece of furniture upholstered in a hue that’s so deep and rich it becomes the focal point of the room.

In all honesty, this is your chance to play with fabrics. There are so many ways you can either layer in multiple shades of blue or mix other colors with your blue choices. 

Scheme 1 300X300 1 Jpg



Check out this fabric palette, for example, which consists of our Varas in ice blue, Hester in turquoise, Hesa in gold, and Lindy in natural to round it out. 

Isn’t it lovely?



Palette 2 300X300 1


Or, how about this gorgeous combo of some of our grays and blues, which includes our Vogue in ash, Ariana in blue, Bosmo in blue, and Vandam in oyster.

Soft, serene, and stylish!





Palette 3 300X300 1


This fabric combo is gorgeous, too, isn’t it? It’s our Himpress in pink, Votter in rose, E-Roller in laguna, and Thango in white. 


Again, there are so many ways you can go with blue if you simply take the time to narrow down what color combos suit your style best. 

Colors That Go Well With Blue

Blue is probably the easiest color to experiment with. If you want to make a bold statement, then blue offers a wide variety of shades that fit the bill. If you simply want a splash of color without it being too intense or too bright, again, there’s a blue for that. 

There are several colors that complement blue, ranging from bold and brash to modest and demure. Here are some color schemes that suit just about any mood or effect you want to reflect within the space: 

  • For drama: Blue + Fuschia + Stormy Gray
  • For elegance: Soft Blue + Dusty Rose + Gold
  • For dependability: Blue + White + Black
  • For an upbeat vibe: Navy Blue + Mustard Yellow
  • For serenity: Soft Blue + Peach + White
  • For a nod to jewel tones: Sapphire + Emerald + Amethyst
  • For boldness: Cerulean + Lime + Coral
  • For a spa-like feel: Watery Blue + Taupe + Buttery Yellow
  • For back to basics: Blue + Red + Yellow
  • For a dreamy look: Sky Blue + Lavender
  • For an easy complementary go-to: Blue-Gray + Tangerine + Crimson
  • For energy: Navy Blue + Saffron
  • For luxury: Steel Blue + Silver + Pearl
  • For refinement: China Blue + Rosy Beige
  • For a feminine feel: Sky Blue + Pink + Linen
  • For the kids: Denim Blue + Cherry Red
  • For confidence: Peacock Blue + White + Yellow
  • For embracing nature: Ocean Blue + Coral Red + Leafy Green
  • For a nautical theme: Ocean Blue + Off-White + Scarlet
  • For that beach vibe: Cobalt + Brown + Linen
  • For patriotism: Blue + Red + White

See, the possibilities are seemingly endless! When you’re looking for a fabric store near you, come see us. We take pride in the gorgeous discount designer fabrics we have to offer. And, while you’re at it, shop for some other home accents like lighting, area rugs, wall art, forever florals, and more! 


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