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Why Modern Farmhouse Design is One of the Hottest Trends of the Year

In a recent survey by, 5,000 Americans were asked to share their favorite style of home. The goal? To know more about what buyers want out of their next home— and the results were pretty overwhelming. By a landslide (42 out of 50 states to be exact), Modern Farmhouse was voted as the most favored style in the U.S, with respondents noting its simple and cozy aesthetic beauty as a motivating factor in their choice.  

Modern Farmhouse Design Is One Of The Hottest Trends Of The Year Anna Fabrics

And it’s true. There’s something special about Modern Farmhouse— most of which we’ve learned by living in this era of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Since they hit the airwaves on HGTV with Fixer Upper back in 2013, Modern Farmhouse style has taken the nation by storm. What was once considered “country” is now looked upon as rustic chic— and the people’s love for it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Good thing, as Fixer Upper returned to TV in 2021

At the core, Modern Farmhouse style simply has straightforward attributes that people are taking notice of. Let’s take a look at what some of those are.

It’s Comfortable and Inviting

Back in the day, formal spaces were desired in a home. Today, however, it’s more common for interiors to be a little more casual. Not only does this tend to benefit busy family life, it often makes others feel welcome any time of day. With trademark Farmhouse elements such as muted colors, vintage lighting, relaxed fabrics, and functional pieces, you can’t help but feel at home. The layering of textures within the space adds warmth and comfort that beckons you to kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

It’s Practical and Useful

Farmhouse design is extremely level-headed. Instead of filling the space with unnecessary extras, its purpose is to make the home useful in every way possible. If you ever watched Joanna in action, you’ve probably noticed how she aims to streamline the furnishings. By taking the client(s) into consideration and carefully selecting pieces and accents, the end result is a home that can easily accommodate everyday life.

It’s Attractive and Customizable

Modern Farmhouse design is so pretty. Bright whites, muted neutrals, beautiful textiles, raw woods, wall quotes, and vintage lighting have a way of working together to create a truly harmonious and attractive interior. While the concept behind each design is similar, the results are always different. That’s the great thing about this design style. The casual foundation that’s set allows you to build upon it in a way that suits your tastes. Layering in textiles, additional colors, or other accessories that you prefer, make the space tailor-made for you and/or your family.

How to Master the Modern Farmhouse Look

Modern Farmhouse is about less fuss and more comfort, with ease. This reemerging style tends to appeal to those looking to reconnect with simpler times— with no farm or acreage required. Here are 5 tips for mastering this gorgeous look in your home. 

1. Embrace wood 

Wood brings warmth and beauty to any space. Because of its abundance and accessibility, it’s incredibly easy to work it into your decor. Think furniture, flooring, accessories, and whitewashed paneled walls. Scrapes and scuffs tell a story about the house, so think twice before buffing them out. The more rustic, the better.

2. Use relaxed textiles 

At one time, textiles were often handmade or passed down through the generations, which allowed for a mix-matched, eclectic feel. Today, we often need to rely on a fabric dealer to fill our needs, whether it’s the need to reupholster a sofa or simply lay out a new rug and pillows. Best Modern Farmhouse fabrics? Opts for linen, cotton, and burlap fabrics in patterns like gingham, stripes, and plaid. 

3. Focus on cooking and dining areas

Modern Farmhouse style often has an open-concept layout that gives ample space for entertaining and family living— most of which revolves around the kitchen and dining area. Because of this, a good amount of focus should go into those spaces. To embrace the look and charm, incorporate features such as apron-front sinks, wood countertops, solid cabinetry (often including open shelving), and of course, the iconic farm table surrounded with a collection of eclectic seating. 

4. Lighten the color palette

Modern Farmhouse is light and bright. White walls typically set the stage for everything else within the space. If dark wood paneling is present in low-lighted areas, consider whitewashing it. If you’re the type that must have some color, aim to use those colors sparingly. 

5. Mix old and new elements 

Vintage accents and accessories blended with items that are new and fresh are key to rounding off Modern Farmhouse style. Some vintage touches could include wire baskets, rustic chandeliers, and mason jars, which could be used to hold flowers or other greenery instead of a shiny new vase. When blending elements, keep in mind that the goal isn’t to simply incorporate the old, but rather to incorporate the old and use it in a practical way. And be sure not to forget those galvanized metal accents that Modern Farmhouses are known for! 

Can’t get enough of farmhouse style? Need some decorating inspiration? Swing by one of our showrooms to see what farmhouse-style fabrics, rugs, and furnishings we’ll have to offer! 

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