Botanical Prints A Lovely And Lively Addition To Your Home Decor Design Fabrics Near Frisco Jpg

Botanical Prints: A Lovely and Lively Addition to Your Home Decor

From the earliest civilizations, a wide variety of plants were drawn and painted for decoration. Although rough and inelegant in the beginning, these botanical illustrations gave insight into the world’s many species of plant life. Over the years as new artists emerged, these illustrations took on a new form, evolving aesthetically into images that were desired to be seen outside of science books. 

Now more than ever, those vivid details and vibrant colors that so perfectly capture nature’s beauty can be found almost anywhere in home decor. No longer limited to artwork alone, botanical prints can be found popping up on many other items (which we’ll discuss in just a minute), making them easy to incorporate into any decorating style. If there ever comes a time when you’re faced with a decorating dilemma, botanical prints won’t let you down. 

Botanical Prints: A Lovely And Lively Addition To Your Home Decor Design Fabrics Near Frisco

With Botanical Prints There Are No Limits

As mentioned earlier, botanical prints are found on so much more than framed art. With that said, showcasing botanical prints on your walls is an easy way to incorporate them into your decor. Whether you hang one large showstopper of a piece or create a gallery wall with a handful of smaller ones, botanical prints on the wall can make a big statement. 

Other ways you can incorporate lovely botanical prints is through textiles. Textiles are a great way to layer in different colors, patterns, and textures. From upholstery to linens, window treatments to rugs, the right botanical print can elevate your decor to a whole new level. 

Feeling bold? Consider botanical print wallpaper. Go obvious by covering the main wall or be stealthy, reserving it for unexpected places like the powder room. Either way, it’s sure to draw attention. 

Love botanicals but want to keep it light and airy? Opt for some botanical print dishware. While you can certainly change out your entire set, it’s not necessary. Simply add a few botanical pieces in with what you already have to mix it up a bit. 

Ready to bring the beauty of botanicals into your home? Stop by one of our showrooms to see the botanical-themed fabrics and wall art we have to offer. 

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