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Decorating with Floral Patterns

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Let’s talk flowers.

Research has shown flowers have a positive effect on emotional health, yet when it comes to home decorating, anything more than a mere vase full of them seems to stop most people in their tracks.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

There really is no reason to be intimidated by florals anymore. In fact, with today’s floral patterns being so plentiful, versatile and updated, the task of decorating with them can actually be very enjoyable. All it takes is some basic knowledge and you can create a space that will be full of life and joy.

Here are some key things to remember when considering floral patterns for your home:

(1)  Florals can be used anywhere. Yes, even alongside that ornate Oriental area rug or plaid couch. Incorporate florals by adding accent pillows or curtains that contain at least two coordinating colors (patterns with lots of visible background will work best). Sticking with the color scheme will make it work.

(2)  Scale sets the mood. Large-scale prints set a cool and modern feel, while smaller scale prints appear sweet and vintage (as you mix, remember the one large, one medium and one small print rule).

(3)  Not all florals are feminine. Large, bold patterns, rather than small, intricate and pastel ones, are much more male-friendly. If you have a man living in your home, sticking within patterns such as those might make place feel less “girly.”

(4)  Florals aren’t “old” anymore. Putting a modern spin on a traditional favorite has given florals a comeback. When paired correctly (and depending on what you’re going for), florals can be youthful, fun, cool, classic or sophisticated.

(5)  Repetition will create balance. A lone flowery pillow might look out of place unless there’s another floral pattern nearby. Be sure to repeat a floral pattern two to three times in the space so it makes sense.

(6)  Florals go beyond upholstery. Upholstered furniture is a wonderful (and obvious) way to bring florals into the home, but that’s not the only option. Artwork, fabric wall coverings, tapestries, pillows, bedding, headboards, lampshades, area rugs, wreaths, flower arrangements, and window treatments are other ideas for getting your floral fix.

Some of our top floral picks:

Be sure to browse through our wide selection of beautiful fabrics. To get started, we’ve listed four of our favorites for you to check out: Ankara, Heather, Urban Blossom and Springer.


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