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Decorating With Yellow

How to Decorate With Yellow

What better way to refresh your home for spring than by using the color yellow in your decorating? Yellow is a bright color that shines with enlightenment, optimism, and happiness. The creativity and energy this color can evoke in us makes it the perfect choice to add in your home’s color palette this season.

While yellow is a beautiful color, it’s also a tricky one so it basically comes down to this: control the hue and you’ll control the mood. An easy thing to remember is that yellows with red undertones are warm and welcoming, while yellows with blue undertones often give off a colder appearance. Yellows with a brownish undertone serve well as a neutral. Pale yellows and muted gold are perfect for a timeless look. Deep yellows can add a touch of sophistication to a space. Earthy yellows can make you want to kick your feet up and relax. Honey-like yellows create a welcoming feeling. Bright yellows are cheerful, but can be overwhelming if it isn’t offset with a secondary color that keeps it grounded.

If you’re putting it on the walls, you don’t want it too bright or too muted, so it’s very important to paint sample patches on the wall so they can be observed in different lights of the day, as well as under different types of lighting (lamps, overhead, etc). You’d be surprised how different yellow can look depending on the light.

Decorating-With-Yellow-Frabic-Coppell-TxWhat Goes With Yellow

There’s actually quite a bit that goes nicely with the happiest color in the spectrum. Let’s take a look at some uplifting yellow color schemes:

  • Dusky yellow, paired with orange and a red that’s the shade of a sunset, will resemble the colors found in a western sky.
  • Bright yellow and steely gray are a perfect match. You’re able to have a neutral and a burst of color.
  • If you want a touch of sophistication, go for the soft glow of gold, neutrals and pink.
  • Soft, creamy yellow, paired with weathered gray and cornflower blue are ideal for a bedroom. The combination creates a restful space.
  • An upscale retro look can easily be achieved with a crisp white base accentuated with harvest gold and shades of blue.
  • Love the water? Get a feel of the ocean with a palette of crisp white, pale yellow and shades of blue, such as teal, aqua, and seafoam. For a tropical look, go for something playful like hot pink, canary yellow and turquoise.
  • A cool summery look can be achieved with soft yellow and cool blue, partnered with a shade of orange-red like persimmon.

These are just some of the many options there are to choose from. Yellow is such a fun color, it can be paired with just about anything. Take your time and experiment until you find just the right yellow and scheme to fit your space.

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