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How to Pick a Fabric Color Scheme

Color surrounds us every minute of the day, impacting us on many levels, including having an influence on our emotions, mood, and even our well-being. And yet, color is something that is so incredibly difficult for many people to incorporate into their home decor. Whether it’s fear of commitment to simply being overwhelmed, color can make even the bravest of people hesitate.

And understandably so. There are a lot of trends and options out there making it incredibly difficult to narrow down something that works. But even with the multitude of shades and hues that are seemingly endless, finding just the right color scheme can be done. Here are some tips on how to pick your color scheme and make your room look beautiful. 

How To Pick A Color Scheme Uptown Dallas Designer Fabric Store1. Use your favorite color. 

What better way to create a room you love than by using a color you love? Regardless of what your favorite color is, it can be incorporated into your home in both big and small ways. Prefer bold colors? Balance them by adding white, off-white, or lighter shades of your hue. If you favor soft hues, intensify them a bit by adding bursts of bolder colors throughout.

2. Pull colors from an attractive rug.   

A rug does more than ground a room— the right rug can also provide you with a multitude of colors for inspiration. Pulling colors from a rug is a sure-fire way to keep the color scheme looking harmonious throughout the room. At most, pull 3 colors to keep the space from becoming overwhelmed. 

3. Let your window treatments guide you. 

Window treatments can be a wonderful alternative for those who either don’t have a rug or don’t want to use a rug for inspiration. As with the rug, pull a couple of select colors from your favorite window treatments, distributing those hues throughout the room with accessories and furniture. Be sure to focus on varying the colors and textures in a way that provides visual interest. 

4. Think themes. 

Are you an avid traveler who has a favorite vacation spot? Perhaps the beach or a fondness for a faraway place like Tuscany? When decorating, keep your favorite destination in mind, turning it into a theme, if you will, which often comes with its own color scheme. For example, a beach theme would be inspired by the sun and sea (think blues, greens, pinks, and light earthy tones). A country like Italy, on the other hand, could be reflected in your home with a palette rich with colors such as sunflower yellow, olive green, and eggplant. Wherever your home away from home is, think of what colors would represent it best and work them into a color scheme for your abode. 

5. Allow artwork to drive your color scheme. 

All it takes is one piece of artwork to inspire a design. Whether you prefer scenic pictures or abstract art, there are always colors that can be pulled out to create a color scheme. Pick out some of the colors you love and run with it. If one of the colors you have chosen will be for paint, be sure to opt for a lighter hue so your artwork really stands out.

6. Determine the atmosphere you want to be surrounded in. 

As mentioned earlier, color can be very influential on our moods so when decorating, think about how you want the room to look and feel. What mood are you trying to convey? If it’s a relaxing atmosphere you seek, lean toward cool colors like soft blues and greens. For warmth and extra coziness, opt for warm colors like reds and oranges.

7. Stick with the classics. 

If all else fails, stick with classic color combinations that just won’t let you down. Blue and yellow, black and white, and green and blue, are just a few of the combinations that make designing a room simple. Looking for a more complex palette? Pair beige, blue, green, and gray together. Or greige, cream, and russet. Even a room full of layered grays is a winner. A simple Google search can make it incredibly easy to find no-fail color combos that will look wonderful in your home.   

Looking for other ways to be inspired? Pull inspiration from outfits, wallpaper, and even decorative pillows! Don’t be afraid to get creative when picking your color scheme. Make sure you stick with what you love so you have a room you love to be in. And be sure to stop into Cutting Corners Dallas to save on some great fabrics when the time comes to decorate! 

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