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Room for Play: Creating a Fun Kid Space

While the act of playing is essential to a child’s development, it doesn’t mean you have to designate an entire room as the play area. In fact, kids don’t have to have a large space or a lot of things, to be creative. Even the smallest of homes can accommodate a budding imagination. It doesn’t matter if this area is in their bedroom, in the central part of the house, or in a tiny corner of the kitchen or basement, it is possible to carve out a fun little space your child can call his or her own. Here are some tips on how to do it without putting in too much effort.


Take their interests to heart

What does your little one like to do? Maybe your son likes building blocks and all things that go vroom. Maybe your daughter loves to color or play dress up. Perhaps he or she enjoys reading books, doing puzzles or painting. Whatever their main interest is, make it the most accessible in the space. Take notice on what most time is spent on and then use it as inspiration for filling or decorating the space.

Make it colorful

Kids love color, so be sure to incorporate it into the space. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t take much to make them happy. It could be something as simple as painting a table and chair set in colorful chalkboard paint, or adding a rug with a bright, fun pattern. If you have any upholstered pieces, try your hand at recovering them in kid-friendly fabrics. Is there a window in the space? If so, this is a great opportunity to incorporate some fun color by hanging window treatments they’ll love.

Keep it clutter-free

Kids tend to accumulate things very quickly, and often times, it can easily get underfoot. Instead of having it out in eyesight, opt to tuck it away in a storage piece. Shelving is probably the best option, but it’s not the only one. There are some many decorative boxes made of multiple materials that can fit the bill of playful and functional. Toy boxes are also good options for keeping the floors through the house a bit cleaner. Have a room with multiple kids? Try to purchase multi-functional pieces of furniture that offer storage solutions, like beds with drawers or ottomans that open.

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