When COVID-19 emerged on the scene earlier this year, the entire world stood still. For many of us, that meant a lot more time at home. All of a sudden, we were faced with a new style of living that included things like eating in more, working from home, and even helping kids muddle through distance learning. Needless to say, coronavirus altered our lives in ways we never would have expected. 

As the pandemic begins to subside and we slowly move forward out of lockdown, now, more than ever is a great time to take a step back and evaluate what changes, if any, you want to make in your home. After all, life as we know it will continue to look different for a while. So, for now, and the unforeseeable future, our homes will continue to play greater roles in our daily lives. The question is, what does your home need to make you content with that? 


Based on current trends and concepts that have arisen during the pandemic, here are 5 ways we think coronavirus could affect home design:

1. We’ll be mad for mudrooms

Whether it’s sanitizing our hands, removing a mask, or simply leaving germ-covered shoes at the door, coming and going from our homes has been different these past few months. Even when those things aren’t part of the daily routine anymore, the thought of having a drop zone for germs we’d rather keep out of the main part of the house is appealing. 

2. A designated workspace will be a must

While not everyone had to work from home, many did— and if your home wasn’t really equipped for that, it was probably pretty challenging. Then there was that distance learning a lot of parents were faced with due to school closures, which of course meant scrambling to find a way to make it happen with as little hiccups as possible. Going forward, a designated workspace that could double as a home office or a study area will probably be in high demand. 

3. Antimicrobial flooring will make us footloose and fancy-free

Coronavirus or not, we track a lot of germs into our homes via our feet. Some flooring, of course, is better at keeping those germs at bay than others. For example, laminates aren’t the best choice if you want to avoid bacterial growth. Instead, opt for vinyl, cork, or ceramic— all of which, have those antimicrobial properties we appreciate more than ever before. 

4. High tech fixtures and appliances will be desired

Between CV germs and the major toilet paper shortage, a lot of us are probably rethinking what fixtures and appliances we want in our homes. Touchless faucets, voice-commanded appliances, and of course, bidets, will most likely jump to the top of the list of must-haves. 

5. We’ll be more eager for easy-to-clean materials

While germs can certainly be an issue for some people, there are many other reasons to gravitate toward easy-to-clean materials. Dirt, spills, dust, and other allergens can often make us wonder what we can do to minimize the impact those can have on our home. One way to do that is to purchase low-maintenance fabrics and building materials. 

To start, look for fabrics that are both durable and easy to wash. Considering that you should clean fabrics at least twice a year to eliminate, the easier they are to clean, the better. There are various natural and synthetic fabrics that fit the bill— just be sure to read the label for cleaning instructions before making a final purchase. 

In regards to building materials, not all are created equal when it comes to maintenance or germ deflection. For example, marble may be beautiful and timeless, but it’s also incredibly porous, making it a breeding ground for harmful organisms. Quartz, on the other hand, is non-porous, which blocks the growth of bacteria and viruses. 

Other materials, such as copper, brass, and bronze, are naturally antimicrobial, meaning they have intrinsic properties that destroy microorganisms. For this reason, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a rise in fixtures made of these materials, especially in the kitchen in the bathroom where germs and bacteria thrive the most. 

When the time comes for you to update fabrics and accessories in your home, please come visit our location near Frisco, TX. We have a wide variety of fabrics for you to choose from, including performance fabrics that will make your indoor (and outdoor) living much easier.