When it comes to fabrics used in the interior of a home, the process of narrowing down what will work, or even look the best, can be daunting. There are however, some fabrics that stand above the rest. Wool is one of them. Here we’ll look at the beauty of wool and what makes it such a wonderful choice for an interior fabric.

A Thing of Natural Beauty

Wool, a natural fiber obtained from animals such as sheep, goats, muskoxen, rabbits and camelids, offers amazing physical properties that make it ideal for a home’s interior. Let’s evaluate these properties in more detail…

Wool is extremely durable

Wool is a fabric that can stand the test of time and offer a lifetime of quality, making it a very good investment. This impressive durability can mainly be attributed to its unique elasticity, which allows it to recover much more easily than other fabrics. It’s inability to crush or wrinkle from daily wear and tear will keep it looking its best much longer.

Wool is highly flame resistant

Ever wondered why it’s recommended to smother a small fire with a wool blanket? It’s because the wool fiber is naturally flame-retardant. Without any flame resistant treatments, wool is extremely difficult to ignite. If it does ignite however, the spread of flame and heat release is minimal.

Wool provides comfort in both warm and cool temperatures

Wool regulates temperature and humidity due to the microclimate it creates. Because of the natural crimp, the fibers trap air, allowing wool to provide warmth in cool temperatures. On the flip side, wool is very absorbent, keeping moisture away from the body. This is what allows your body to stay cool during warm conditions. This benefit makes wool a great choice for bedding and upholstery.

Wool is anti-static

Static attracts lint, dust and dirt. Being that wool has anti-static qualities, it tends to stay cleaner much longer than other fabrics. The overlapping scales woven within the fiber also help prevent dirt and dust from seeping in deep, making it easier to maintain.

The Drawbacks

Just like anything else, there are some drawbacks. With that said, the benefits definitely outweigh them, still making wool an ideal choice for your home’s interior. Some limitations about wool you should keep in mind are:

  • Moths are attracted to it
  • It can shrink in heat therefore it should never go in the dryer
  • It can fade if exposed to excessive sun for long periods of time
  • Harsh detergents can cause it to lose its soft luster

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