When you think about the color red how does it make you feel? Red is a powerful color that infuses spaces with passion and excitement. While some may find it intimidating to decorate with, the right red fabrics can transform any room. From bold accents to intricate patterns, the possibilities with red fabrics are endless! For many, it’s a love-hate relationship. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. The more you understand about the color as well as how to use (and not use) it, the braver you’ll be. 

Red A Powerhouse Color Worth Having in Your Home Houston Designer Fabric

Using the Color Red in Your Home 

Breathe new life into any room by incorporating versatile red fabrics that can be swapped out with the seasons. Toss festive throw pillows in red hues onto sofas and beds to add pops of cheer; come autumn, switch to burgundy and wine shades for a cozy feel. Use lush red velvet fabrics on accent chairs and dining room chairs to define spaces with texture and color. Red certainly isn’t for the faint of heart--but the good news is that it can still have quite the effect even when used in small bursts. Every interior needs those special touches that make a house feel like home. Red fabrics allow you to easily change up the look of a space.

For the Interior

  • On the walls. The right shade of red on the wall can make a room feel more intimate.  
  • Add a lush red velvet curtain to frame your window and accent the view with rich, dramatic fabric.
  • Upholster chairs or bar stools in a bright or deep red fabric to define seating areas with bold pops of color.
  • Paint a piece of furniture. Dining room chairs, kitchen stools, or an entryway table are a fun way to get a splash of red in your interior. 
  • On your kitchen cabinets. Since red is known to increase appetite, what better place for some red than in the kitchen? 
  • Toss red throw pillows on sofas and beds to add pops of color that can be easily changed with the seasons.
  • Hang a large piece of red abstract art on a focal wall to make a bold artistic statement.
  • Use a rich red area rug in your living room or bedroom to define the space with a pop of color.
  • Paint an accent wall or front door a bold red to add drama and interest.
  • Display fresh red flowers or plants in vases and pots to inject vibrant life into any room.
  • Use a red tablecloth on your dining room table to set a lively mood for meals.
  • Incorporate a red lampshade or other accent lighting for a warm glow.
  • Add a festive red candle or other red decorative objects to tie spaces together with color.

Layer plush red area rugs over hardwood or tiled floors to zone spaces; the bold color and soft texture underfoot create a welcoming feel. Hang flowing red curtains or install roman shades in crimson tones on windows to frame views and allow natural light to filter in, bathing rooms in a warm red glow. With the right red fabrics that suit your seasonal decor, you can easily transform the mood and style of your interior spaces. Whatever your flavor, there's a place to use red!

For the Exterior 

Don't stop at the interior! Make a splash by outfitting your outdoor living space in eye-catching red. Bold red patio umbrellas will shade you in style, while plush red cushions allow you to lounge in comfort. Don't stop there - add pools of red to patio furniture with coordinating accent pillows in matching or contrasting red hues. Continue the theme by draping weather-resistant red fabrics on outdoor drapery, canopy swings, hammocks and more. The vibrant color transforms any outdoor area into a festive oasis.

  • Paint your front door a bright, welcoming red to make a bold first impression.
  • Use red pots and planters filled with flowers on your front porch to instantly boost curb appeal.
  • Add a red doormat for a pop of color at your entryway that greets guests in style.
  • Hang a red pendant light fixture next to your front door to illuminate your entrance with a warm glow at night.
  • Display red cushions or pillows on patio furniture to tie together your outdoor living space.
  • Get a red umbrella for shade on your patio or deck to provide a fun pop of color on sunny days.
  • Install a red mailbox to contrast your home exterior for an eye-catching detail.
  • Add a red wreath to your door for seasonal decor that makes a festive statement.
  • Plant a red maple tree or shrubs with red foliage to create year-round landscape color.
  • Use red textiles on canopy swings, hammocks and outdoor drapes to create a cozy backyard oasis.

Use weather-resistant red fabrics to give your outdoor space personality and flair and get creative with red by making your own decorative pillows for poolside lounging and topping off sectionals. Use sunbrella fabrics in bright solids or patterns featuring red. Add pom pom or tassel embellishments for an extra pop of texture. Craft outdoor throw blankets from cozy red fabrics to ward off evening chills in style. With the right weather-friendly red fabrics, you can design an outdoor space that makes a personalized style statement.

The Psychology of Red

Simply put, red is the color of extremes. On one hand, it’s known to be an exciting, intense, and even an aggressive color. On the other, it’s known to evoke feelings of passion, love, and comfort. The color red can stimulate the appetite, promote ambition and determination, and give confidence when it’s lacking. Regardless of how it makes you feel on a personal level, it’s easy to say that red is a powerhouse color that commands attention. 

What to Keep in Mind While Decorating with Red

When using red fabrics in your home, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Don’t stick with a single shade. Using only the same shade of red (or any color for that matter) throughout the space can be overstimulating. To keep that from happening, and also to provide depth, consider mixing in a variety of shades. 
  • Don’t over-emphasize. Red is a color that requires balance. If you look around the room and feel as though you might have used too much red, there’s a good chance you did. Take a step back and either scale back or incorporate some earthy shades that will help ground the red you’ve used. 
  • Don’t be a minimalist. While small pops of red can be nice, red tends to shine the most in rooms that are dramatic, glamorous, and chic. Play up the color with over-the-top decor. 

Decorating with different shades and tones of red can add visual interest and depth to a space. Here's a bit about using red color variations:

  • Bright orange-reds bring a fiery, energetic vibe. They feel playful and youthful. Use these shades sparingly on accent walls or front doors. Orange-reds also look lively on toss pillows, lampshades, and patio umbrellas.
  • Cherry reds inject a cheerful, inviting mood. These warm reds work well for dining spaces, home offices, and bedrooms. Use cherry red hues on area rugs, curtains, upholstery or accent chairs.
  • Deeper reds like burgundy, wine and maroon feel elegant and luxurious. These richer reds are perfect for formal living rooms and master bedrooms. Try a maroon velvet sofa or deep burgundy curtains. Use maroon and wine tones in rugs and throw blankets.
  • Muted red-browns like rust, brick and terra-cotta provide an earthy, casual look. These shades complement Craftsman, Tuscan and farmhouse styles. Use rust red pillows, dishes or flower pots for a relaxed vibe.

Mixing red tones and shades creates depth. Pair an orange-red door with wine pillows, or a cherry rug with terra-cotta chairs. The color variations keep the look interesting.

When decorating with red fabrics, use a mix of rich tones and textures rather than flat, single-hue reds to add visual interest. Balance the vibrancy by incorporating solid neutrals and earthy accents throughout the space. Don't be afraid to go bold with red by using it generously on statement furniture, draping fabrics, and accessories for maximum impact. If you're ready to add passion and excitement to your home with red textiles, visit us online or in the store to see what options we offer for infusing red style into your space.