Recycle. Upcycle. Salvage. Reclaim. Reuse. Repurpose. No matter how you’ve heard it stated, the process of giving new life to something old, rather than tossing it aside, is definitely something that’s trending these days.

Why, you ask? Because new doesn’t always mean better, which is especially great for those who don’t have the resources to launch a full renovation. In fact, you could have a table centerpiece or piece of unique wall art hiding out right under your nose in a closet, the attic, garage, or basement. It could even be sitting out on the end of your neighbor’s curb! Regardless of where your next great find is hiding, we hope to show you that just about anything can be given a new purpose with a little creativity and TLC. 

Clever Ideas for Repurposing Houston Discount Designer Fabric

If you’ve never repurposed (but would like to) and just don’t know where to begin, keep reading for 7 clever ideas on what to repurpose around the house.

1. Turn an old dresser into a playful one

There’s no reason to kick an old dresser to the curb. Repurposing an old dresser for kids is a wonderful way to keep quality pieces alive for the next generation. Sure, you could always just sand and re-stain it, but why not coat it in something like fun, colorful chalkboard paint? Not only will it look great, but it will also serve as a creative outlet for the kids.

2. Convert an old headboard into a hanging rack

Have a wooden headboard that you’d like to replace? Get the new one but make use of the old one. Paint it to your liking, attach a rack with hooks, add decorative detail for graphic interest, and voila: a beautiful new piece to hang in your entryway for coats, purses, hats, or whatever else needs to be hung up.

3. Update tired pieces with decoupage

While big pieces of furniture often seem to be the focus when it comes to repurposing, that doesn’t always have to be the case. It’s important to remember the little pieces as well. Even something as simple as a tired and outdated wood picture frame is worthy of a facelift. Things like decorative paper, sheet music, and even fabrics, can serve well for decoupage.

4. Add wallpaper to a worn-out tabletop

The dining room table might not be the best candidate (although it can) but something like a coffee table, end table, or even a breakfast nook table, is ideal for this type of project. Whether you use one pattern or a mixture of samples, adding wallpaper to the top of a table and then freshening the rest of it with a coat of paint is a great way to turn it into a piece of art. To finish the look, reupholster the chairs in a complementary fabric. To ensure success, choose a solid color fabric based on a color that is found in the wallpaper that you used!

5. Use something vintage to design a unique headboard 

Upholstered headboards are incredibly nice, but if it’s a vintage vibe you seek, designing one that suits your taste better is a pretty easy task. Simply track down a vintage door or room divider screen and use it to create a focal point on the wall behind your bed. It doesn’t matter if you hang it vertically or horizontally— either way is sure to create a novel look. To customize it, even more, distress the door for a rustic touch or paint it in a solid color that complements the rest of your bedroom decor. For added texture, a woven screen divider will do the trick. 

6. Create a rustic workspace out of artistic “junk” parts

We'll admit, this has to be done carefully, but when it's right, Wow! A fun way to repurpose what would be considered junk parts is by turning them into something like a desk. For legs, use sawhorses. Or, for the tabletop, consider an old door (full size or smaller scale, like a cabinet) or a thin wood pallet. Use a garage-like storage-shelving unit to complete the rustic and industrial look. Finish it off with a chair that has character, no need to worry about the finish or fabric. Sand it down and restain, or for an easier time give it a few quick rounds with your favorite spray paint! Pop off the seat, remove the old fabric, staple on your favorite fabric, reattach to the frame, and you're done.

7. Frame it up

Before you throw out those old frames, consider updating them or using them in another manner. There’s no hard rule that says only pictures can go in frames. In fact, there are several other items that could benefit from new framing— mirrors, chalkboards, succulents, and plants are just some of the ways you repurpose frames for new wall art. Or, turn a frame into a decorative tray. Even a current piece of wall art can be given a fresh look simply by changing out the frame! 

Remember, think twice before throwing something out. While not everything can be repurposed, many things can! 

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