When we think of textiles, our first thought is often upholstery, however, the world of textiles is so much more expansive than that. Textiles offer an infinite array of decorating possibilities! There’s really no reason to leave a room feeling unfinished when you can top off the design with the warmth and texture textiles have to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the ways textiles can be those finishing details that will take your interior to a whole new level.

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No matter what your decorating style, almost any room can benefit from the essential throw. While throws can certainly stand alone as an accent, it doesn’t hurt that they can also serve double duty as a functional piece that provides warmth and comfort when needed. Throws come in such a variety--neutral and bold, chunky and smooth--making it easy to find something that suits your space. Throw it on a bed or throw it over a chair--it doesn't really matter, just throw, throw, throw!


Next to throws, pillows are the easiest ways you can add depth and character to a space. And is it any wonder? Just imagine how bland a sofa would be without pillows. The great thing about pillows is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means you can mix and match till your heart’s content. Whether you go full-on luxe with large-scale patterns and fringe, or opt for something more low-key, like a fun, eclectic mix, there’s really no wrong way to do pillows.

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As you accessorize with textiles, don’t forget about rugs. Not only do rugs add depth and detail to a space, they protect the floors, making them a wonderful investment. Some rugs can even be hung on a wall or draped over something like a neutral headboard to add color and visual interest. Don’t limit yourself!

Window Treatments

Window treatments like drapes, curtains, and fabric shades are another sometimes forgotten textile that can exceed function with their comfort and beauty. If you do choose window treatments for your home, make sure you choose the best fabric you can afford and that you’re spot on with the proportions. The look of the room tends to plummet when the treatments don’t fit the window as they should.

But don't overlook the little things... 

While the above mentioned are the most common textiles to consider, there are other smaller ways you can layer textiles into your home. Lamp shades, woven hampers or baskets, and even art pieces can encompass fabric to add pizzazz to a room.

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