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Practical Tips for Creating a Cozy and Comfortable and Inviting Home

We all want our house to feel like a home. A house, after all, is just a structure, but a home— well, a home is different. A home is meant to be a sanctuary— a place that offers us security, privacy, and a sense of belonging and identity, to name a few. And, if you think about it, a home also serves as our hub— that place we leave from each morning and return to each night. It’s centering, familiar. Because it is all those things, it’s only natural we want it to be the coziest and most comfortable place it can be.  Whether you have a large house, a small house, or a house that’s in between, here are some tips and tricks for creating a space full of warmth. 

Practical Tips For Creating A Cozy Comfortable And Inviting Home Katy Decor Shop

Deck out your door

What better place to set that cozy and comfortable mood than right up front? A really easy way to make your home feel inviting is to hang a wreath. The nice things about wreaths are that there are tons to choose from. They’re also relatively easy to make if you’re the creative type. With those two things in mind, find wreaths that express a little bit about who lives in the home. All about the seasons? There’s a wreath for that. Die-hard sports fan? There’s a wreath for that. Crazy about every holiday? There’s a wreath for that, too! Really, when it comes to wreaths, there’s something for everyone.

Choose plush or upholstered furniture

Furniture takes up ample space in your home, so why not choose pieces that ooze comfort? If you aren’t sure what those pieces are, think upholstered. Choosing upholstered pieces can give your home so much warmth and comfort. Consider swapping that coffee table for an oversized ottoman and add an upholstered headboard to your bedroom. Doing so will take that homey feel to the next level. Already have an upholstered piece you can’t part with? Consider recovering in a beautiful new accent-colored fabric. Fresh fabric is a wonderful way to breathe new life into a well-loved classic.

Bring in elements of nature Practical Tips For Creating A Cozy Comfortable And Inviting Home Katy Decor Shop Green Orchid On Driftwood

Spindly branches in a vase, houseplants, shells, pebbles, rustic furniture, flowers, gems, and geodes are all wonderful ways to bring in elements of nature. Pieces of nature make a home feel very comfortable, and ahem, down-to-earth. For fabrics, try out silk, cotton, linen, or burlap. For rugs, opt for natural fibers such as wool, jute, or sisal.

Play with colors

The color palette often sets the stage for the feel of the home. A neutral base set off by accessories, accent furniture, artwork, and fabrics in softer colors can give your space a clean, comfortable look. If you’d like to feel as though you’re wrapped in warmth, go with deeper and richer hues, such as deep magenta, forest green, midnight blue, charcoal gray, dark plum, and chocolate brown.

Earth tones are also a wonderful choice for creating a home that’s both comfortable and welcoming. When considering earth tones for your home, think of a broad spectrum ranging from dark brown tree bark to the greenest grass green. This also includes warm shades of orange and red. In a nutshell, any color that represents real nature, not a supercharged version of it. 

Don’t be afraid to swap out more colorful items with warmer, softer decor. You can always change back if needed, but you won’t know how it’ll make the space feel unless you try it out! 

Increase the amount of texture

You can completely change a room’s atmosphere by adding fabrics rich with texture. Textures add dimension and allow different elements to play off one another, which keeps the space from looking flat. Mix and match your fabrics and furniture upholstery to create an abundance of beautiful texture that’s both pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Think linen paired with velvet and rustic (or distressed) pieces paired with smooth-surfaced items and silks. Learn more about texture in the home by reading our blog How to Make an Impact With Texture and Incorporate It In Your Home

Layer your window treatments

Windows are an integral part of a house, and when layered up in beautiful window treatments, they can take center stage. Whether you layer drapes with sheers, drapes with shades, or something completely different, your windows are sure to look lovely. Try mixing in statement colors to your drapery for a bold, yet changeable look. Window treatments are a multifaceted decor item. To learn more, check out our Guide To the Best Fabrics for Drapes, Curtains, and Other Window Treatments

Master scale

When it comes to furniture, scale is extremely important. While it can be a tricky decorating element to conquer, when done right, it can add instant ease to your home. When arranging furniture throughout your home, pay attention to the scale, shuffling things around as much as you can until it looks visually pleasing. If you’re in the market for new furniture, be sure to take measurements so you get it right the first time.

Practical Tips For Creating A Cozy Comfortable And Inviting Home Katy Decor Shop Skip To The End Of The Images Gallery Skip To The Beginning Of The Images Gallery Uttermost Minozzo Bronze Accent LampInstall soft lighting

If you want to be able to create a cozy atmosphere, install soft lighting. The goal with lighting is to layer it in. This simply means you incorporate a variety of lighting fixtures, such as recessed lighting, lamps, sconces, pendants, etc, throughout the space. If you already have lighting you love, consider installing a dimmer so you can control its brightness. Aren’t sure what style of lighting will look or work best in your home? Check out what’s trending

Related blog: The Importance of Lighting and What to Consider When Lighting Your Home

Pile up the pillows and blankets

Not only are accent pillows and throws the easiest things to decorate with, but they also add instant warmth the minute they’re added to a space. Layer up your couch and bed with pillows and drape a throw across the arm of a chair to make your home feel extra cozy.

To ensure you get the style you crave, consider custom pillow covers. Pillow covers make it incredibly easy to change up the look on a whim. Additionally, they fold and store away easily, which is so much better than having to store piles upon piles of pillows. While pilows don’t necessarily create warmth in the physical sense, they definitely create warmth 

Add personal touches

If you truly want to make a house a home, incorporate personal touches that represent you and your family. Favorite artwork, a decorative collection, and family photos are all wonderful ways to make your space feel warm, inviting, and complete.

In addition to those suggestions, vintage-inspired accessories are extremely welcoming. Browse flea markets and antique stores for unique finds that add splashes of character throughout your home.

Eliminate clutter

Having stuff is nice, but having too much stuff can be stressful. Take time to sort through what you have, keeping what you need and clearing out the rest. If there are certain things you want to keep but don’t need on display, store them away safely. Other items that don’t make you happy, have no sentimental value, and serve no purpose can either be sold, donated, or thrown away.

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