While Pantone has yet to announce their Color of the Year for 2023, there’s still good news: the Spring/Summer Color Trend Report is here! Now that New York Fashion Week is over, we have the pleasure of looking ahead at what colors will grace our closets, but most importantly, our homes in the upcoming year. 

In true Pantone fashion, their color palette choices are carefully curated based on our life experiences over the past year(s). Recently, the normalcy of our lives was shaken up, sending us down a slippery slope of uncertainty. Now that things have finally settled a bit, we’re stepping out more confidently, looking ahead to untapped possibilities. Because of this, it’s really no surprise that this new palette is described as one that ranges from “chaos to quiet and celebrates a newfound freedom and the excitement of trying something new.”

Uplift Your Homes Interior with Pantones Spring Summer 2023 Color Palette DFW Fabric

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, puts it like this: 

“Colors for Spring/Summer 2023 are recalibrated for the new era we are entering. Blending escapism with reality, wholesomeness, and joy, we embrace the exploration of extreme contrast in mood and color. There is utility and basic-ness to this season’s color story, while at the same time, there is an uplifting vital sense of play that comes through.”

The 2023 spring/summer color palette includes: 

  • PANTONE 18-1664: Fiery Red
  • PANTONE 18-2143: Beetroot Purple
  • PANTONE 15-1335: Tangelo
  • PANTONE 15-1530: Peach Pink
  • PANTONE 14-0756: Empire Yellow
  • PANTONE 12-1708: Crystal Rose
  • PANTONE 16-6340: Classic Green 
  • PANTONE 13-0443: Love Bird
  • PANTONE 16-4036: Blue Perennial 
  • PANTONE 14-4316: Summer Song

The 2023 spring/summer core classics include: 

  • PANTONE 12-4604: Skylight
  • PANTONE 12-1009: Vanilla Cream
  • PANTONE 13-3804: Gray Lilac
  • PANTONE 15-0628: Leek Green 
  • PANTONE 17-1221: Macchiato 

Uplift Your Homes Interior with Pantones Spring Summer 2023 Color Palette DFW Fabrics

As you can see, it really is a palette full of contrasting colors encouraging experimentation and individualistic expression. Now, just how will you decide to incorporate some of these into your home? 

Using Pantone’s Spring/Summer Colors In the Home

There are several different approaches you could take in distributing these colors throughout your home. With that said, this palette just screams accent fabric! From the subdued to the bold, these colors are just perfect for those pops of visual interest. 

Take a look at some of these beauties. Not only do they showcase various colors from Pantone’s spring/summer palette, but they are also stylish and fun. Think about how great these would look as pillow covers or seat cushions. They’re so pretty, they can be used in bigger ways, too! 

When the time comes to incorporate new colors, patterns, and textures into your home, let us give you a hand. Stop by the showroom or browse online to see our wide selection of discount designer fabrics. We also have a variety of home decor accessories, rugs, trim, and more!